Epic Hero vs Romantic Hero

By: Kendall Edmonds

Characteristics of the Epic Hero?

- The epic hero is the main protagonist.

- An epic hero is from history, a myth, or a legend.

- Epic heros do not have godlike powers, but are smarter, braver, and stronger than the average person.

-The epic hero is usually on a quest or journey.

- The trials this hero faces change him in ways that reflect the morals and values of the society from which he came.

Characteristics of the Romantic Hero?

-Many romantic hero have been somehow rejected from society.

-They could either be recluse or maybe obsessed with a lost love.

-Most romantic hero are on either a physical journey or a emotional/spiritual one.

-Most of these hero journeys begin with tryin to fulfill a personal goal, but often ends up serving others in someway.

-They are often innocent, but intuitive.

Video Clip Examples of Epic Heros

Superman is an epic hero who is always on a quest of saving the world from evil. Superman's special ability is he can fly, he has super strength, and he can fly faster than the speed of light.
James Bond overcomes obstacles unthinkable by normal people. He has amazing cardio and combat skills. In this scene he is drowning in an icy lake but escapes by using a flair gun to find the hole he fell through. This shows his mental strength.

Video Clip Examples of Romantic Heros

Jay Gatsby is a romantic hero because he sacrificed his life for Daisy, the woman he loved. Gatsby's life after meeting Daisy centered around one goal: to make enough money to get Daisy back.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Quasimodo is an abandoned child. He is hideously deformed, has a giant humpback, and a giant wart that covers one of his eyes. He is also deaf. His heart is pure, and this purity is shown throughout the movie.


The differences between romantic and epic heroes is that epic heros are usually praised by society. While on the other hand romantic heros are usually rejected by society. Epic heros are also larger than life people. Romantic heros are usually people that you can know in your day to day life. The similarities between the two are that both of these types of heros are on some sort of journey/quest. This could be spiritual, emotional, or a physical journey. Another similarity is that both of these heroes are symbols of hope and progress. The need for romantic hero's is very important. Romantic heros give people in society a realistic person to look up to. It's hard to look up to an epic heroes because most people can't relate to them, but this is the opposite for a romantic hero. There are also a lot more romantic heroes in society.


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