Leah Stewart Workshop

February 23rd at 10am only $199

Advanced Variations on The Reformer and Tower

Creating smart, fun and effective exercise variations can be a challenge for any Pilates professional. Working with an array of clients demands an instructor's ability to adapt the exercises to meet their individual and unique needs. Through the implementation of several simple yet powerful techniques, a Pilates instructor can gain the ability to create fabulous exercises variations that will not only enhance their client's experience, but that will empower them as movement professionals. In this interactive workshop, Leah Stewart, M.S. will lead participants through a variety of drills and exercises that will teach them how to create effective and intelligent exercise variations on the Reformer and Tower, based on the original purpose of the exercise as well as the goal of the client. Participants will walk away from this workshop not only with a wonderful new set of creative variations for the Reformer and Tower, but with the ability and confidence to create future exercise variations.

Leah Stewart 7 hour workshop

Saturday, Feb. 23rd 2013 at 10am-7pm

6115 S Fort Apache Rd

Las Vegas, NV

Sign up at www.mycorestudios.com or call us at 702.798.8000

Leah will be taking 1 hour Privates on Sunday February 24th starting at 7am for only $90

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