America is Giving

By: Cozette Rocha

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Why Do Americans Give?

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Why is America Giving?

America has a lot to offer. America has more opportunity and mobility than any other country. Work and trade are respectful. America has achieved greater social equality than any other society. America has gone further than any other society in establishing to equal rights. People live longer and fuller. In most countries, your fate and identity are handed to you, but in America, you are able to determine them yourself. America has a lot of freedom and it is one of the most freest nations in the world.
America gives a variety of options and opportunities and there are many different ways to live, but the person you are is how you choose to live. We must work hard for what we want and take advantage of the fact that we can choose how we want to live and who we want to be as well as what we make of ourselves.
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Information and quotes from some sites

"America is great because we are a nation of dreamers, inventors, artists, builders and doers. We exalt in achievement, rebound from failure and encourage one another every step of the way, from the little league, to the majors, in every walk of life."

"To be an American is to become an American: a person has to make a conscious effort to consider and believe in our principles, the most successful applied principles ever seen anywhere at any time."

"America is great in large part because we have always encouraged one another to live out a simple creed: “Love your neighbor.”

"America is great because her people are good, and her people are good because of their faith in the God of love."

Visual Representation

My art piece is based on a scrap book that I created and contains pictures I printed out representing the things that America had to offer and I myself will be explaining as I present to who it may concern.

Cozette Rocha

I think as long as America has been one united nation, there are a lot more positive things to be grateful for and cherish all the things we have as one. There is a lot to offer in America, we have better jobs, a greater lifestyle and most importantly we can live better if we make things work and take the opportunities and chances. It is our job to to make the right choices to make America even greater than it can be. There are a lot more problems that we have, but we are capable of turning everything into the American dream that we have. Us as the people of America can make things right if we put the effort and our minds into it.

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