Athenaeum Columns

February 2016

Google Quick Tips

Use Google Forms for Testing? Yes!

  • Learn how to password protect a Google Form to use it as a quiz.

  • Try it!

* Go to:
* Password: 123abc

Brainstorming a topic that includes links to websites? Try instaGrok!

  • Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store (color waffle). It will appear in your bookmarks (the link is also included above for easy access).
  • Put a topic in the subject line and watch/follow the suggestions.
  • Thank you Sister Peggy for the tip!

iPad & Web 2.0 Tools

Create infographics!

Piktochart is a free website & app

Athenaeum Resources

Did you know JPII has access to many periodicals and newspapers through Gale Newsstand?

Cardinal Techie at Work!

Mrs. Jonte is engaging her students by using technology in her classroom and challenging her students to learn the same way. She uses Google Classroom to send assignments, receive work, and return feedback and grades. She is testing Zipgrade (a means to grade her tests using her iPad for instant feedback).

The Ed.Tech Team asked Mrs. Jonte a few questions. Let's learn a little bit more about this techie Cardinal!

Favorite technology you use (personal or business):

My iPhone - I can use it to grade assignments on Google Classroom and as a hotspot to enter grades at my daughter's softball practice if there's no internet connection.

What do you find most useful when integrating technology in the classroom?

The uniformity of student work that is submitted - everything looks the same so it's easy to grade and I don't have to worry about carrying around papers outside of school.

What piece of advice would you give those trying to integrate technology in the classroom?

Start small - choose one new thing to learn at a time. Also, use the resources you have - our EdTech team is great and willing to show you ideas of how to present information in a new and different way.

Staff Book Club

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