Derrick Hill

Trait 1

Plato is mentally unstable and messed up because of his parents leaving him not being in his life. He sees Jim and Judy kind of as his parents. When they were at the mansion he got mad cause Jim and Judy left him alone

Trait 2

Plato is lonely and longing for a mom and dad figure in his life. Plato is a coward and had a gun on him.

Why Plato is a rebel

Plato is a rebelling because his mom and dad just left him alone with no one but their maid. He is angry and hurt and is trying to make up for his parents not being there for him. The connection between all the rebels is that they are doing it out of anger and to get back at people or make up for what their parents do not do

Did Plato learn a lesson?

I don't think that he did because he got shot and died even though he was all chill and stuff at the end

Easter Holiday

This is symbolic because Easter is usually when families get together and have family time but all three of the kids were having family issues and is trying to get away from their family


Don't be afraid to speak up for what you believe and try to be close with family because you might wake up one day and they're gone