Eat Pray Love

Elizabeth Gilbert


Writer Elizabeth,known as Liz has reached a crisis of faith in her life. Without her husband realizing it, they have arrived at different stages in their life, which leads to her admitting that she wants out of the marriage. Following Liz and Stephen's divorce, Elizabeth immediately jumps into a relationship with actor, David Piccolo. After spending time with David, she realizes that she is her biggest problem, and that she needs to find herself. Liz maps out her next year, which will be spent in three places. The first is Italy to learn Italian and regain her love of food. The second is India to achieve some spiritual peace in her life. And third is Indonesia to reconnect with the medicine man Ketut Liyer to see if he can provide any more insights into her life. Although she sticks to her geographic plan, she often experiences things along the way she didn't expect. But everything she worked so hard for to achieve that much needed balance in life over the year may all be lost by the end of her stay in Indonesia.

Five Life Lessons

My Connection

One Of the biggest life changing events in my life was when my parents got divorced for the last time. This taught me alot and also gave me a sense of lost hope i still carry on into my life now. It taught me to never trust anyone , no matter what you been through or how long they have been around , trust you closest family and thats it. Also never put your everything in a relationship because then when yall break up or get divorced you wont have anything done for you. Follow your heart because at the end of the day your happiness is what is important.Never feel like you have to be in a relationship because if you're not feeling the love and the way you did at one time it probably won't work out.The last life lesson that really came to me when my parents got divorced is that sometimes no matter how hard you try some

Diary entry

Today i sit in are room, in are house , in the clothes he bought me , carrying are child and the thought of not being with this man i once had much love for keeps running through my head as if i cant get away.