Room 002 Update



This week we completed our first #edcampkids. The kids have been working really hard during their wonder workshop time to learn, build and create ways to share their thinking. During the workshop kids could have learned a variety of different things. Some of their options were; football, programming video games, gymnastics, how to make paper envelopes.

We will be doing another edcamp in the next few weeks! We already have many kids signed up to present!

Erin Soderberg Skype Visit

Yesterday we had the privilege of skying with the author of one of our read alouds, Erin Soderberg. We enjoyed listening to her talk about her writing process and where she gets her ideas from. We were shocked she had to rewrite her entire book 3 times, even deleted over half the book and started over again. Students were also given the opportunity to ask her questions as well as get and receive book recommendations from her.


This week in Math we spent time talking about the importance of words and what they tell us. After talking about words and creating a list of important words we tried to write our own story problems. They explored writing addition, subtraction and multiplication problems. Soon we will look at some of their problems and try to solve them!

Our conversation about problems and wording also led to talking about strategies we use to solve multiplication story problems. We created a chart with their work to show the various strategies that we can use.

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Language Arts

Annotating to share our thinking was another area that we explored this week! Check out some of the work that they have done! We are also continuing to work on setting personal goals as a reader. What do we need to work on and how will be know when we have reached our goal?

We are also working on writing final copies of our personal narratives. It has been quite a process taking them through all the steps of writing. After hearing that Erin Soderberg went through 3 full edits they didn't think one or two was that bad! We are excited to see some of their final outcomes!


Third grade students will participate in the statewide reading test next week. This test is made up of two parts, both 90 minutes in length. Students will take part 1 onTuesday, December 8 and part 2 of Wednesday, December 9. Statewide tests measure whether students are meeting new, higher academic standards and mastering the knowledge and skills that they need to progress in their education. The district will share results with parents once they are received.

Upcoming Dates:

Next 2 weeks- BOOK FAIR!!

Dec. 8th- Testing

Dec. 9th- Testing & Dublin Library

Dec. 11th- Books and Breakfast (8:30 drop off for those signed up!)

Dec. 18th- Holiday Party (2:30-3:30)

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