Solar Panels

Laine Barnwell

Here at Lovett we have many green features, but one that stands out to a lot of people are our solar panels. Our solar panels are helping the world environmentally, socially, and economically.

Fast Facts

  • The solar panels at Lovett will pay for themselves in about 9 years
  • Solar panels take energy from the sun rays and turns it into electricity
  • The solar panels at Lovett produce 150,000 kilowatts per year
Big image

According to the information on this graph about solar panels, having solar panels cut down your electric bill. On this graph it shows the electric bill without solar panels at $200. Also, it shows a current electric bill with solar panels at $30. The difference between the two are huge. According to this graph, solar panels save you save $170 every time you pay your electrical bill. I chose this graph because it really shows you how much you can save by being green and using solar panels. Now that we have solar panels at Lovett we will save a ton of money that can be used on other things to make the school a greener place. Also, our solar panels at Lovett will pay for themselves in about 9 years from all of the energy they will have produced. Overall, solar panels are a great alternative that will keep Lovett green!