Bobcat Bulletin

December 6, 2015

Dear FSS Staff,

These weeks fly by faster and faster. Christmas will be here before we know it. Just two weeks to get so many things done at school and at home.

Some grade have completed benchmark testing and some will finish in January. The window is large this year. As your team wraps up testing, begin thinking about when and how to use your planning day. Our admin team will work with each grade level to analyize our benchmark and create SMART goals for ELA and math. I anticipate this going fairly quickly and lasting an hour or two. Remember we identify deficit content areas from this past trimester and discuss the best way to reteach these concepts to students not master them. The reminder of the day is meant to plan out the rest of the year. Lindsay, Yvette and I will be there to assist you.

Are you familiar with a benchmark summary report you can share with your student's parents? Do you know how to print off the Benchmark Parent Performance Report in OARS? It is a good idea to work with your grade level to decide on one to share with families showing how their child performed. A short cover letter explaining the test attributes would help parents better understand the test.

Did you know there is an AR STAR report you can view or print that gives you every AR test students have taken this year. A very informative form for Leadership Binders and for parents to view. Susie Kessel can help you if you get stuck, but I think it is found under test records then annual progress.

Mr. Master's is excited to bring coding to every 4th. 5th and 6th graders. Don't worry if you think this sounds like a foreign language to you. It did me too. I hope you will sign up on his schedule. Kids will love it and you will too. He is also gearing up for a few more mini PD's. One on basic google and how to save, move things around, find things quickly... all things basic google is coming next. We will however, have to share him with WHF and LAP in addition to MEE over the next two months. WHF and LAP's STEM TOSA is out on maternity leave.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful week!

Deepest respect,