The west is commonly known as the American west, refers to the westernly states. The west is the largest region in the U.S, covering the most land in the country. It is also the most geographically diverse.

The politics in the west leans towards the Democratic party,

The culture of the west is built around tourism.

In California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas has Hispanic and Spanish, along with Nevada,Utah, and Colorado.

Alaska is home to few people, mostly natives that have lived there before.

California is home to the country's largest city, Los Angeles, which is holds a big tourist attraction, Hollywood. Nevada is home to Los Vegas.

The west contains several major biomes such as, arid to semi-arid plateaus and plains. Then the major mountains which are the Rockys, The Sierra Nevada's and The Cascades.

The American southwest are forested mountains like the Sierra Nevada and The Rockys.

Then the Cascades which is in the Pacific northwest which are temperate rainforests. They also include the Great plains.