The Hopi Tribe

By: Caitlyn Hodgins

Where They Live

The Hopi tribe is an native tribe that lives in northwestern Arizona. They have lived there for thousands of years. The Hopi tribe is also a Pueblo tribe.


Hopi live in houses called abode

houses. They are made of clay

and straw that is turned into bricks.


The Hopi do a lot of things and have

a lot of roles. The women usually care

for the house and the family. The men

usually deal with politics, agriculture,

and war.


The Hopi use tools for hunting and for

and defend themselves against other
native tribes. For hunting the Hopi use

bows and arrows. For defending

themselves they use spears.

What they eat

The Hopi eat a lot of things. They eat

crops such as corn, beans, and squash.

They also eat meat such as deer and

antelope. Also women gather nuts, fruits,

and herbs.

Fun Facts

There is a lot to the Hopi tribe. These are

some fun facts about the Hopi. The Hopi

kind of have there own little country, they

go into war and gather and feed themselves.

They also have their own language.