Battle of Britain

By: Jennifer Hitchcock

Where did the Battle of Britain happen?

The Battle of Britain happened in the air over the United Kingdom. One of the reasons that it took place in the air was because Germany needed control of the air so that they could plan a attack somewhere else.

Nations involved in the Battle of Britain and why.

Germany and Britain were involved in the Battle of Britain. Why? They were involved for many reasons. One reason that these countries were involved was because France had resigned. Another reason that Germany chose to go to war with Britain was because it was necessary to take over air control so they could invade.

Generals Involved and Background.

Some of the generals that were involved in the Battle of Britain were: Winston Churchill for Britain. Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister for Britain. Another General in the war was Adolf Hitler for Germany. Adolf was the leader of the Nazi party. Another General for Germany was General Adolf Galland. Galland was the "commander of the Luftwaffe Fighter Arm."

Date(s) that the battle was fought:

"The Battle of Britain took place between August and September 1940."

Goals of the battle:

Germany's goal of this battle was to "gain air superiority over the RAF[...]" Britain's goal was to win. And they did.

Key military strategies or tactics used in battle:

Germany attacked from the air. They did this because they wanted control of the air.

Outcome of the battle:

Germany's aircraft's could not take on the RAF. Britain was able to destroy all of the aircraft's sent in from Germany.

Long Lasting Impact of the battle:

Many soldiers were killed and injured badly. Another impact was that "The battle Of Britain was the first serious setback experienced by the Germans During the Second World War." Also "Britain was preserved as a base for offensive action against Germany." (