Maungatapere School

Newsletter 16th May 2023

From the Principal

On Monday, our youngest learners in Room 4 & 5 excitedly walked past my office heading to the swimming pool. The children were carrying a wide range of different cardboard contraptions. What were they up to? I decided to investigate. They had made prototype boats, as part of the technology design process and were testing floating and sinking capabilities. There was lots of noticing comments made by the children, to think about how to redesign and make improvements on Wednesday. Later in the term these classes are moving onto the technology process with ‘wheels and axels’.

Room 1, 2 & 3 - Y3/4 are starting to investigate communication technology from the cave man to present time. This sounds like a fascinating topic that has already stimulated interest from the children.

The NE to Y6 classes are all focusing in technology topics and will be sharing their learning

at a parent evening later in the term.

The Y7/8 are focusing on the annual Science and Technology Fair – their learning will also be

available on our parent open evening, as displays within classrooms.

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School Awards

Ayla Wood Rm 9 For having a fantastic attitude towards your learning and being a great role model.

Willow Davidson Rm 10 For showing leadership in Room 10.

Austin Malley Rm 2 For going the extra mile in his spelling homework! Keep up the good work.

Clint Nadora Rm2 For always trying his best and having a positive attitude towards his learning.

Kyrie May Snowden-Davies Rm5 Showing outstanding empathy towards others in our room as well as visitors.

Annelise McDonald Rm7 A confident and committed learner who gives 110% no matter what the task.

Hunter Groome Rm11 For being an excellent supportive friend.

Reeve Cairns-Cowan Rm9 For being a responsible and helpful member of our class.

Sam Seeley Rm13 For being a resilient learner and taking responsibility in Room 13.

Mia Iraia Rm3 Being able to work in groups effectively. Also willingly helping others.

Billie Boaz Rm4 Always having a super 'make it happen' attitude and a willingness to learn.

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What's coming up!!

17 May WPSSA Year 7/8 Winter Sports

25 May School Photos

31 May WPSSA Year 5/6 Winter Sports

5 June Kings Birthday Monday

13 June Senior Talent Show Auditions

14 June Junior Talent Show Auditions

15 June Talent Show Finals

18 July WGHS Deans Visit

18 July WBHS Deans Visit

A Special Birthday for Mrs Jenkins

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Our fabulous Mrs Jenkins celebrated a significant birthday this week. She is a very special part of our school and we celebrated her with morning tea and gifts. Happy Birthday Mrs Jenkins!!

Matariki Festival

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During week 9 & 10 the whole school will be involved in a Matariki Intensive, with a Matariki Light/Lantern Festival evening for parents on Wednesday 28th June. The Y5/6 classes will be coordinating a hangi dinner for our community, as part of annual EOTC fundraising, and the PTA will be supporting the evening in special ways.

This open evening is about school community, sharing the terms learning and meeting each other.

Explanation of NEW changes to CAR lines

As the new principal I have been extremely uncomfortable with the health and safety aspect of the afternoon carpark pick up system. All car pickup parents will be well aware of recent changes made to how they pick up their children. I have previously communicated that we have up to 190 children in car lines, which has taken time to tick off accurately. We trialed training the children to get into name order to speed roll call up, which it did. This only worked on fine days. On wet days, we do not have an area to do this. Most schools I know, do not tick off children going home in cars.

Assembling children at the gate was great for me as principal to talk and get to know parents. I trialed walking to car windows, to match cars to children and speed up the line. Unfortunately, it encourages a moving pick up line, and many children walking to cars, with cars backing, turning, passing etc. The moving pickup line resulted in cars backed up on the road and near crashes with logging trucks.

Therefore, the Board of Trustees have made the following changes, based on the most important factor; student safety. The changes still require contacting the office to inform us of any changes to transport lines. We will no longer be recording a car line, but children continue to assemble for car pick up. The big change is parents will be required to get out of cars and pick up the children from the Room 13/14 deck area by the basketball court in front of the office.

For all students recorded on other transport lines the system remains unchanged. If you require your child for an appointment, then please come early to the office to communicate

changes to the transport line boards, and take your child. Not doing this causes confusion and follow up checking, that effects everyone else. If you wait at the end of the basketball court/junior playground, and your child arrives at 2:50pm, then take them straight away for a quicker departure.

The positive is that you get to chat with other parents, the principal and children. Thank you for your patience while we worked through making improvements.

Property Projects

The significant covered court project is now complete and signed off, and we are now looking at upgrading the basketball hoops/poles on the main basketball court in front of Room 13 & 14. With the addition of two more on the fence side of the covered netball court. This will allow multiple netball/basketball mini games/goal shooting during break times. It will be exciting to fully utilise the covered court during winter months. Northland Basketball have funded 4 new backboards and hoops, with the PTA funding the subsidised pole installation. PTA funding of this is greatly appreciated, as is the support the school community provides for PTA events.

School Council

Our elected student members of the school council have been busy with Board of Trustee and PTA requests. This group is investigating the costs of a possible junior playground upgrade and will be seeking junior student voice on the existing playground and possible additions. This information will be presented back to the Board and PTA. This group have a few other tasks to investigate for the board to target PTA spending and possible grant applications. The power of student voice will influence spending that is not just tens of thousands, but possibly heading into the hundred thousand’s over time. Our council definitely has influence within decision making at Maungatapere School.

Pink Shirt Day

As part of the Maungatapere School Council we would like to support the Pink Shirt campaign to help stamp out bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting kindness and inclusion.

You can dress up on Friday 19th May, in as much pink as you like.

All donations that are received will go towards the Pink Shirt campaign. The school council will collect donations from the class teachers.

Thank you for your support.

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After 4 successful years the current Maunga Mayhem committee are stepping down. If the community are still keen for this event to continue we are going to need a new core committee to take up the mantle. If you would be interested in being involved please let the office know with your details by the 29th May. Also if anyone has suggestions for a new venue for the Maunga Mayhem event please also let the office know.



Showcasing Room 3

Ms Hodgson brought her lovely wee dog, Griffin, to school to spend the day with the kids.

They have written some of their thoughts on Griffin to accompany his photo in their class room.

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Please return your pool key if you have not already done so.
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