Human Resources

From the Desk of Jamie Mowrey - Fall 2015

Human Resources Website

There is a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Many of the questions that I receive can be answered by looking at the Human Resources section of the District’s webpage ( Don’t forget that this valuable source is out there for your convenience.
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I hope you had a chance to familiarize yourself with Aesop, our absence recording and substitute placement system. Here’s a quick list of information to keep in mind.

· Website:

· Phone number: 1-800-942-3767

· ID Number: your 10 digit personal phone number – this can be changed at any time by clicking on “Account” – “Personal Info”.

· PIN Number: randomly assigned – this can be changed at any time by clicking on “Account” - “Change PIN”

· Can I prearrange a sub? - Yes, enter absence and click "Create Absence & Assign Sub"

· Can I request a sub? - Only if you set up a preferred substitute list.

· How do I create a preferred substitute list? Click on “Account” - "Preferred Substitutes"

· How do I…? Click on “Help”

Aesop contacts substitutes differently from SubFinder. Here’s a brief overview.

· Emails are sent to substitutes on your preferred substitute list.

· If unfilled after a certain time, emails are sent to certified substitutes.

· If unfilled after that, emails are sent to guest teachers and retired teachers.

· If unfilled prior to 2 days before absence starts, Aesop will call all available substitutes. See graphic below for call times.

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Reminder on Clearances

There are 3 clearances required for employees: Act 34 – PA State Police, Act 151 – PA Child Abuse, and Act 114 – FBI Fingerprint. If you have not completed your clearances, be sure to apply for all of the clearances by November 1 to ensure response by December 31. Instructions and links to the appropriate websites are available on the District’s webpage ( When submitting your clearances to the Business Office, send copies. Keep the originals for your records. Do not wait to receive the FBI results in the mail. Send your registration number to me (PAE########). I am able to look up the official results the day after you are fingerprinted. Clearances are now valid for 5 years.

Life Insurance - Beneficiary Forms

If the District pays for life insurance on your behalf, I included a new beneficiary form with your Salary/Leave Day letter. Did you lose or not notice the form? You can obtain one at the District’s HR website (

You can change your beneficiaries at any time. If any of the following occurs to you, you may want to consider updating your beneficiary form: marriage, divorce, birth of child, death of beneficiary you listed on your form.