The journey from home

By Gabriella Pasqualone

“Ohhh my goodness” screamed Banzai as he was running for his life.

“were going to get killed” huffed another, while trying not to get left behind by the pack. As they ran the scene changed from the open grasslands to the shadowy forest. When they realized they weren't at home anymore, they stopped with a force and tumbled on the ground with a thump. After a few minutes of being in a trance, he came back to his senses.

“Where are we?” asked Banzai with a confused look on his face, walking in a circle looking at his surroundings.

“ I don't know, i think it is a forest, thought i might be wrong because it's my first time seeing one” whispered the hyena with a look as it had stars circling his head. Looking as hard as they could they could only see the overly tall pine trees, how would they find out where they are if they can't see anything that can help them.

“we should split up and ask someone to help, but make you are back to this spot by sunset” demanded Banzai with a undoubtable stare.The others knew when he started like that, he was serious. And that meant that if they didn't listen it would be coming for them. After that the hyenas began to split up, sometimes as a pair, trio or alone.

“Gez some of those hyenas can be so annoying” Banzai said with a tone of sarcasm, as he was walking towards the sun. Then he saw a glistening in the distance, is intrigued he for some reason. When he can closer and closer he discovered that it was a lake. The lake was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen, it was as blue as blue Topaz. At that time he thought that was most beautiful he would ever see, till her saw her.

She was a swan, known as one of the most graceful animal to live. She was as white as a peril and had lusciously long feathers. He was mesmerized by her beauty and the only thing he could think of doing was to walk towards her. As he got closer, she noticed him and got remarkably scared and flew away with all her might.

“Huh, did i do something wrong?” confused with a dumb expression on his face.Then he remembered that he was a scruffy, stupid looking hyena and any creature that was that beautiful would got scared and run away.By the time he came bake to reality, the sun was setting and he needed to get back or the others would panic.When he got back it was sun down and no one was there; how that be they should be able to track what way they came from. But why weren't there,confused, Banzai looked around and found a note written in the dirt.It said that the pack was going to leave him in th forest and find their own way home without him, because he was to demanding.When he saw this he felt betrayed by his family and started to wonder the forest in missery. In the dark of the night he saw a red flame and found a group of forest animals around the fire having fun.When they noticed him they welcomed him with helping hands.

“ Hi, my name is Brady” said the bear with a welcoming expression.

“ Hi, i’m Banzai” he said with a tone that made him seem like he didn't trust them.As he looked around, he found everyone's eyes on him and then he saw her.The beautiful swan that he saw before, and then he remembered that he was a hyena and no one would love him.Then suddenly a high pitched scream came from the other side of the fire.

“i-it-it's him! he's the one that tried to eat me” said the beautiful swan.That's when everything shifted to the dark side.All the animals that were looking at him with a friendly smile, started to look at him with a deadly glare.Banzai Found himself shaking with fear and realized he didn't do anything wrong.

“ why are you all looking at me with the intent to kill me, i haven't done anything wrong” said banzai with no shaky sound in his voice.

“ alright everyone time to chill out, why don't we get grace to tell us the details of what happened.

“so…. that's what happened, and now that we know the story we can kill him he scaring our grace.” Brandy said with confidence.That's when he couldn't take it anymore and howled with all his might. He had a streams of water rolling down his face.

BOOM, a thump here and a boom there, it sounded like a group of animals were coming their way.The pack had came running to find him and help him, he had his pack again. It was an even fight now.

“ why don't you hear Banzais side of the story, before you try to kill him.” screamed a hyena. After hearing his side of the story, they started to feel sorry for what they were going to do.

“ we are sorry for what we were going to do, Grace came to us crying in fright and she had never been like that. Is there anything that we can do for you, to apologize.” said Brandy with an apologetic voice.

“ Can you show my pack and I how to get make to the grasslands?” suggested Banzai.After they long journey back they had found themselves home. The only problem was will Scar forgive them for beating him up?