By: Alain Thomas

Earthquake coming

  2. Don't Panic
  3. After Quake, move to clear ground
  4. Check people around you for injuries
  5. If injures are there, treat
  6. Avoid falling/fallible items, gases, flammable items, etc.
  7. Return home with officials permission

A Timeline of Roosevelt

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Life After Doomsday

The end of the dinosaurs are theoretically thought as the Meteor hitting the Earth. As the meteor destabilized the climate around the world. As plants died, so did the herbivores. As herbivores died, so did carnivores. But we should remember the small animals that survived the end for over several million years. As ashes clouded the sky, they continued to thrive. They persevered thought the death cloud that consumed the world for millions of years.

Reviving Tigers

In the Early 1800's, India's tigers population was at its peak. By 1900, hunters had brought the population to about 40,000. To protect the tigers, India's British rulers put strict laws. But they where ignored by the people. As a result fewer than 2,000 tigers remained in India by 1972.

In 1973, the Indian government took steps to save the Tigers. They created India's Project Tiger, with the help of World Wildlife Fund, nine tiger reserves have been created. In 1997, twenty-three reserves have been set up.

By today, India's tigers population has rebounded by 30%. The population stands at 2,226 as of 2015. They have survived the hunters, and habitat loss, with the help of people.

Pokemon Compare and Contrast

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The Grade

The whole class was tense. The teacher was passing out the tests, which was very important and could raise or slaughter your grade. Finally, the teacher gives you the test, upside down. You feel tension coil up inside of you. Your chest aches. After studying for several days. With one smooth move, you flip the test over. A solid red F stares back at you.

Your heart seems to be dead. It weights you down. But, one way or the other you manage to get to Computers.

As the class time soon ends, the teacher lets you do what you want. You quickly pull up you grades. There at the center of the page is the ELA grade. Your precious B+ was now a C-. This was terrible. You think of your parents, and flinch.

I soon start to press myself to do good. I started to study longer and harder. I worked on extra credit. As the continuous effort was put in, the grade went up. After 3 week, it had reached your previous grade, the B+.

More work was put in. You see the grade continue to get better. It even gets better than it was previously. It had become an A-.

After the blow to the semi-fragile grade, I managed to get it better than it was before. I managed to get it from the dead to a better grade.