☼The Project Of Mesapotamia☼


§Tombs of Ur§

There are roughly 1800 tombs in Ur but, archaeologist C. Leonord Woolley discovered that 16 tombs out of the 1800 found had "Very special and valuable items". He called these tombs royal tombs. The content of these tombs were reported all around the world. People read about Woolley's discoveries like this and are facinated about them.


The first temples were built on platforms. During the third millennium B.C these temples began being built higher and bigger. These newer temples were called Ziggurats. These are towers with many steps on them. By 2000 B.C mud brick Ziggurats were common in most sumarian cities. Later on Ziggurats were also being constructed in Babylonian and Assyrian cities. No one knows why for sure why these Ziggurats were built and what they were used for. They were part of temple complexes so they were probably used for religion.

§Gods,Goddesses, And Demons§

Mesopotamians believed their world was controlled by Gods,Goddesses, and Demons.

Hundreds of Gods controlled their world. Gods were a answer to everything. From trees and rivers, to making bread and pottery. Each city was protected buy a different god, or goddess and its family. Large temples would be built in the center of the city for the god/goddess to live in.

☼Trade and Transport☼

Mesopotamia was a land which did not have plentiful resources. People there had to trade with foreign countries in order to get the resources they needed. They traded for things such as

  • Timber
  • Wine
  • Precious metals
  • Stones