April 2016 Newsletter

Remediation Schedule

Students enrolled in Biology, US History, Algebra I, Geometry, English II, and/or English III will take EOCs in May (schedule included below). Typically, students must have completed at least half of the course and they must participate in remediation in order to test. Additionally, the state requires that students who are considered 3rd year high school students must have completed an English and a Math EOC. Students who are 3rd year high school students and have not yet met that requirement must test in May. Please make sure your student is present consistently between now and the EOC so that he/she is prepared to test. In order to maintain progress in his/her classes, your student may also need to bank or work from home.

Remediation Schedule
Algebra I - 1st and 3rd periods Mondays and Wednesdays with Mr. Drew

Geometry - 2nd period Mondays and Wednesdays with Mr. Kenneth

English II - 3rd period Tuesdays and Thursdays with Ms. Maria

English III - 1st Period Tuesdays and Thursdays with Ms. T

Biology - 1st Period Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mr. Michael

US History - 3rd Period Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with Mr. Champion

Testing Schedule

Please remember that students enrolled in EOC courses must take the EOC. These EOC tests are state-mandated and are required for graduation. If you have any questions about testing, please contact Mr. Smith at eric.smith@jcfa.co

May 11th - English II EOC

May 12th - English III EOC

May 13th - Biology EOC

May 16th - US History EOC

May 17th - Algebra I EOC

May 18th - Geometry EOC


The WorkKeys Assessment is scheduled to take place April 5th, 6th, and 7th.

Student Services

March Events

Lantern Light (feeding the homeless)

The first Monday of each month Ms. Saputo takes a small group of students to assist Lantern Light with meal prep for the homeless feeder program. On March 7th, Ms. Saputo took a group of three students.

Lunch and Learn Series

On Thursday, March 17th, students met with a forensic accountant to learn about the educational and career opportunities in the finance field. Approximately 20 students participated in the event.

National Alternative Education Association Conference

Two students from JCFA-East joined us in presenting at the NAEA conference in March. Tyler F and Bruce M did an amazing job representing both the school and the organization. We also have to say a very special and heartfelt thank you to our parent chaperon, Ms. Dawn Roy.

Chalmette National Cemetery HOPE Restoration Project

A total of 8 students volunteered over 2 days to clean and restore headstones at the Chalmette National Cemetery.

Oschner Career Field Trip

Ms. Saputo and Mr. Smith took a group of 5 students to tour Oschner's medical facility on Jefferson Highway. Students learned about various career opportunities in the medical field and were able to shadow several workers over the course of the day.

Upcoming Student Opportunities

Lantern Light - Monday, 4/4

On Monday, April 4th, students will volunteer with Lantern Light behind St Joseph church off Tulane Avenue in New Orleans. Students will help prepare plates with food and serve food to about 130 - 170 homeless adults and children.

Lunch and Learn Series - 4/14

Thanks to a grant from Macy's, JCFA-East is able to offer students the opportunity to meet professionals in various occupations and careers through our new Lunch and Learn Series. Lunch for these events will be catered, but only for students participating. Students should sign up using the sign up sheet in commons located next to the binder bookcase.

JCFA-East Day of Service - 5/26

We are working to organize a school-wide Day of Service on 5/26. We hope to identify 10-12 organizations to provide volunteer opportunities for our students. Our goal is that at least 50 students will participate in the day of service. Please contact us if you know of any potential opportunity for students on 5/26!

Student Spotlights

Class MVPs

Teachers select student MVPs based on their progress, attendance, work ethic, and attitude. Selections are made every month and are announced at our Family Meetings.

March MVPs:

Mr. Drew (Math) - Ashley Touzat

Ms. Maria (English/Spanish) - Morgan Haynes

Ms. T (English III and IV) - Daniel Lane

Mr. Champion (Social Studies) -

Mr. Michael (Science) - Jackie Neyland

Mr. Kenneth (Math) - Enrique Jimenez

Class Most Improved

Most Improved students are those who have made significant improvements in either progress, work ethic, or behavior.

March Most Improved:

Mr. Drew (Math) - Daniel Hernandez

Ms. Maria (English/Spanish) - Mercedes Marcelle

Ms. T (English III and IV) - Jonas Stallworth

Mr. Champion (Social Studies) -

Mr. Michael (Science) - Davyn Williams

Mr. Kenneth (Math) - Lajoya Manuel

JCFA-East Community Garden

Students made so much progress over the month of March. Our NCCER class built the raised garden beds and the garden club quickly got them planted. We'll be hosting several educational sessions regarding nutrition over the next month or so. We would love to have parents attend those sessions if possible. We'll send home flyers once we firm up dates with our partner organizations.

We can't thank the National Farm to School Network and the Walmart Foundation enough for the funding that has made all of this possible!

Important Dates

  • April 5, 6, 7 - WorkKeys Testing
  • April 11 - NOLA College Field Trip
  • April 13 - Laitram Career Tour
  • April 14 - Lunch and Learn
  • April 22 - Founder's Day
  • April 28 - No afternoon banking. Students must be off campus no later than 12:45pm.
  • April 29 - No school.

JCFA Founder's Day

Friday, April 22nd, 11:30am-12:30pm

3410 Jefferson Highway

Jefferson, LA

JCFA will celebrate Founder's Day on Friday, April 22nd! Founder's Day is a time when we kick back and celebrate the start of this amazing organization. Students, faculty, and staff from both the East and West Bank campuses will participate in the celebration! Please RSVP if you would like to attend.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.