Oceanic Drilling in Alaska?

Good Idea!

It would benefit the economy.

  • It would bring more people here, therefore, we would get more money.
  • More money means more things that can be built to attract more tourists.
  • And the more tourists, the more money we will make!

It would benefit you!

Not only would it benefit the economy, it would benefit you! With the Oceanic Drilling, being it would bring more people, the more the people, the more money you make, and the more business you will have. If we have the Oceanic Drilling, oil prices will go down, because it will be more available.


I guarantee it will benefit you.

Any questions?

What is Oceanic Drilling? Oceanic drilling is, an effort to explore and study the composition and structure of Earth's oceans basins.

Bellow is a video, to clear any other questions you may have.

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program AGU Conference film 2009 (IODP-MI)
Mantle drilling project aims to understand Earth's past