A Government Focused On One's Ideal Beliefs; By Scott Brown

What is a Theocracy?

By definition, a theocracy is a form of government in which a God or a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler. From that point, the God's or deity's laws are interpreted by the ecclesiastical authorities.

In simpler words, a government run by the religious leaders (Generally Priests) in a certain region, in which they interpret the laws given to them by a divine power.

History of Theocracy

The type of government of Theocracy has been around for many centuries. However, after the Great Enlightenment this use to be common religion, found a stop in its path. Many people, after the Enlightenment, believed in the new theories founded in the 18th century. These theories battled with the idea of a divine power, therefore hindering this type of government from ruling. Many countries of the Western Civilization decided it was time to find a newer, more efficient governmental system that would go about with the scientific findings of the Enlightenment. The idea of completely separating the church (divinity) and the state, came into play and fueled the Republics and Democracies we see today. Today along with the many types of government we see very few theocracies, but they are still present.

Theocracy; Then and Now

Once spread commonly throughout the world, especially European countries, the pictures below shows the two remaining Theocracies of the world. Vatican City, and Iran. Some Middle Eastern Countries are in a transition form of being a theocratic state.

Theocracies Gone Wrong

The Crusades

The biggest example of theocracies gone wrong would be the Roman Catholic Church and the wars of the Crusades. Many deaths occurred and it was all in the name a religion. Above Picture


  • With a god as the head of a government, citizens are more loyal.
  • Citizenry is more united than Democracies
  • They tend to have more military strength. Fighting for a divine power makes them fight harder and longer.
  • Most citizens agree that decision is based upon divine laws.


  • Countries are less developed.
  • Less freedoms and less civil liberties. (Women aren't free, Freedom of speech is severely handicapped)
  • Different religious people maybe be persecuted or killed.
  • Laws may not be logical or fair. They are based upon an ancient book that may not be applicable anymore. Because of this laws cannot or are extremely hard to change.
  • If you don't agree with system, you are fighting "God".