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We are here to help you during your time of grievement

Need help answering those hard questions? No problem we are here to help!

Have you recently lost someone and you don't know where to begin with the funeral arrangements? Well here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we are here to help you make those decisions with compassion. Here are some questions and things to consider:

  • What would you like done with the remains? Are you interested in organ donation?
  • Are you interested in cremation or burial?
  • If you want a burial, what kind of casket would you like? Any certain colors?
  • Do you want an open or closed casket?
  • What do you want your loved one to wear? How do you want their hair?
  • Do you want an morning or afternoon service?
  • Who do you want to give the eulogy?
  • Would you like special effects during service such as music, music instruments or a slide show?
  • Do you have a favorite bible, Koran, Torah, or religious book that you would like to read from?
  • Do you want your loved one buried in a mausoleum or the ground?
  • Do you have a burial plot already in mind?
  • Is there someone that you want them buried next to?
  • If the coffin is placed in the ground, do you want to be placed in a sealed vault?
  • Would the immediate family of the loved one like to ride in our limo for the day & time of the services?
We are here to put your mind at ease about your loved one's funeral service come and rejoice the life that they lived here with us.

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Reason for funeral

"A funeral is in essence a one time kind of support group to under gird and support the grieving persons. A funeral provides a conducive social environment for mourning (Leming & Dickinson, 2011 p.380). After the funeral is over with the grieving will really begin to hit you and probably always will around special occasions. There are great support groups that can help you cope if needed. "Hospice of Northwest Ohio provides an array of support groups and workshops to help people of all ages cope with the loss of a loved one. While some people may be afraid to join a group at first, we recommend they give it a try. Group members usually feel very comfortable giving and receiving support in the group with others who share similar concerns" (

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