Health Education

October 2021 Updates

News and Resources for Administrators and Educators in the EUP ISD, COP ESD, AMA ESD, & COOR ISD


This year, professional learning for teachers is available in the following areas:

  • Michigan Model for Health
  • Sex-Ed/HIV Prevention
  • EUP ISD - Regional Health/PE Educators Curriculum Resource Team
  • COP ESD - Regional Health/PE Educators Curriculum Resource Team

The PD Calendar is available HERE. Superintendents or administrators are welcome to request district-specific professional development for their educators that align with professional development schedule. Potential areas of professional learning include the WSCC model, MiPHY support, Michigan Model for Health, or other district-identified areas of need. I am available as a virtual or in-person presenter.


In order to promote better communication, I am requesting that all school district superintendents in the COP ESD, AMA ESD, and COOR ISD complete a short form to update contacts for their school district. I am looking for updated administrator, curriculum developer, and health/PE teacher contacts. The form can be found here. (Thank you to those who have already updated!)

School Health Surveys:
Three school health surveys are open this year:

  • MiPHY (Open September 2021-June 3, 2022. 7th, 9th, & 11th grade). The MiPHY has been updated to include a question on identifying as cis or transgender in the demographics section. The ACES question has been expanded to cover emotional, physical, and substance abuse, as well as mental illness in the home. MiPHY support webinars are offered once a month starting on September 23. More information here.
  • YRBS (Selected 9-12 buildings in the state. Selected buildings have already been notified.
  • School Health Profiles (January-May 2022 - Run by CDC - surveys health teachers & administrators).

MDE Initiative - Children Matter. You Matter. Learn SEL!:

MDE has launched an outreach plan: Children Matter. You Matter. Learn SEL! Part of this plan is asking educators to complete the introduction to SEL online module hosted at Michigan Virtual. The goal is to have as many educators as possible complete the module. The course is free, offers SCECHs, and takes 2 hours to complete. Many schools around the state have already completed the course (see map). Register for the course here!

NEW: InPACT Home Modules

The University of Michigan's InPACT project is nearing completion. This online resource has learning modules focused on resilience, nutrition, physical activities, family talk, sleep, and focus. There is a strong emphasis on incorporating movement in classroom routines and lessons as well as family engagement.

Michigan Model Updates:

  • Michigan Model for Health is now available online! Check your eligibility for access to this free resource by viewing this flowchart, and contact Helen Craig with questions.
  • All Michigan Model assessments for grades 5-12 are now available as Google Forms. For access to these assessments, view the following link with information and complete the agreement form.

NEW: Upcoming trainings:

This year, professional learning for teachers is available in the following areas:

  • Michigan Model for Health
  • Sex-Ed/HIV Prevention
  • EUP ISD - Regional Health/PE Educators Curriculum Resource Team
  • COP ESD - Regional Health/PE Educators Curriculum Resource Team

The PD Calendar is available HERE. Links to register in WisdomWhere will be added when they go live.

NEW: National Health & P.E. Standards Review

As the taskforce to revise the National K-12 Physical Education Standards continues their work, they believe they are on a timeline that will call for community review and feedback for draft standards in early 2022. Content experts are invited to review and weigh in on the drafted standards. Participants will receive the standards to review in mid to late January and would have four weeks to complete their review. There may be potential to attend a focus group with other reviewers in their area of expertise to discuss feedback with SHAPE America. Names for review teams will be collected through October 31. Please contact Helen Craig for more information.

NEW: HIV/STI & Sex Education Legal Obligations and Best Practices

The state of Michigan has published a summary of legal obligations and best practices in Michigan Public Schools. This document details summaries of law and practices around required content, parent rights, teacher qualifications, complain processes, and sex-ed advisory boards (SEAB). The document is linked here.

NEW: Equity Resource Guide

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights have released an Education Equity Resource Guide. This guide is designed to provide Michigan educators, principals, superintendents with a template for increasing equity in schools and strategies to help dismantle institutional and structural barriers to success for all students. See the Michigan Department of Civil Rights news release for more information, or review the equity and inclusion guide below.

DOCUMENT: Resource Guide to Developing a School Equity Plan: A template to operationalize diversity, equity, and inclusion in Michigan's K-12 Education System

Safe Schools for LGBTQ Students

LGBTQ+ students are at disproportionate risk for persistent bullying, harassment, and victimization. During the COVID pandemic, the MDE LGBTQ+ Students Project became more important than ever. In response to request from school districts across Michigan, project staff created a suite of online trainings to build the capacity of schools to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive culture and climate where all students can thrive. Click the training flyer for details for registering and links to the prerecorded workshops and resource materials.

Statewide SEL Conference:

Michigan’s inaugural statewide SEL Conference is on October 27- 28. In-person and virtual options are available. The conference schedule & registration information can be found here.


Please view the following slides from SHAPE-MI for updates from Dr. Deb Berkley. There are a wide variety of conferences, grant opportunities, and training opportunities listed. Resources are also available on the SHAPE-MI website.

United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM):

Please view the following slides from UDIM for updates. Virtual experiences, grants, and nutrition education resources are available.

Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH)

CATCH Global Foundation with the support of the Michigan Health Endowment Fund is offering a limited number of Michigan K-8 schools access to it’s unique training, implementation and support model and evidence-based Whole Child Coordination resources at no cost this school year. You can read more about the CATCH Program in Michigan and enroll schools here:

NEW: 2021 CASH Conference

The Child, Adolescent, and School Health Conference is coming up on October 18-20. Virtual and in-person options are available. See the flyer below for details, or view the registration website here.

Free or low-cost health coverage for children under the age of 19, or pregnant women of any age is available.

Call the MIChild and Healthy Kids hotline: 1-888-988-6300


Apply online at

Contact: Helen Craig

Helen Craig is the Regional School Health Coordinator for MiSHCA Regions 3 & 5, serving the Eastern Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower MI - Sunrise Side counties. She is also the McKinney-Vento UPCED facilitator and social studies curriculum consultant for the EUP ISD.