Immortal Hearts



Raven is excited that her true love's (Alexander Sterling) little sister is visiting Dullsville. Will Athena "Stormy" Sterling be a mini gothic Raven, or a pretty princess Luna? Alexander believes that the nickname "Stormy" was given to his younger sibling for a reason. Raven is super excited to meet Stormy, but she thinks that the Maxwell twins will stir up a pot of pure evil. After seeing what it's like living like a vampire, Raven craves for Alexander's bite even more. Will she ever convince Alexander for that one bite to change her life, or will she continue to live her life as a boring mortal?

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Immortal Hearts

The 9th book of the spectacular series: Vampire Kisses. Written by Ellen Schreiber and a spooky fiction novel

Just a few main characters!

The cunning Maxwell twins

Luna and Jagger Maxwell

Luna Maxwell- born a mortal to a vampire family and got rejected twice on being turned at the covenant ceremony.

Jagger Maxwell- sneaky vampire and twin of Luna vampire. Opens the new club in Dullsville called, " The Crypt".

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Raven Madison and Alexander Sterling

Dullsville gothic couple.

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