Watching your property when you can't

Make sure you meet your insurance requirements

Most Insurance policies require that when you are away from your home longer than 72 hours, an inspection is to be made on the home on a consistent basis in order to collect insurance benefits. Meeting your insurance requirements guarantees your policy will be honoured, check your insurance guidelines to make sure you maintain compliance with your policy during all seasons.

Just a few of the many services that we provide which can be tailored to suit your requirements

Customized services tailored to meet your needs

  • Free pre-service visit includes key pick up
  • Check home regularly
  • Water your plants
  • Bring in the mail
  • Monitor the house temperature to prevent freeze up
  • Give your home a "lived in" look
  • Unmarked vehicles for your protection
  • Mature, reliable, caring long term residents of Fort McMurray
  • Offer you peace of mind while you're away