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Welcome to one of my favorite tools for creating ORGANIZED resource collections!

INTRODUCTION and clear presentation of basic applications and features.

Think Creatively About Potential Uses For Your CLassroom.

On Livebinders blog, new features and tips are shared. Here are some of Mr. Lester’s teaching ideas:

  1. Bookmarking – I am using livebinders now as a tool to give parents websites that they can use to help further their child’s education at home. I am hoping to add other binders with different content presentations to allow a child to view content explained in a different way then their classroom teacher.
  2. Blog/Review - Using the Text/Web layout students and teachers can blog about current websites that a viewer can see next to their thoughts.
  3. Personal Journal - The livebinders can be a great spot to upload thoughts in a tab/subtab system.
  4. Student Response Journals – Using the text to text layout a student can go over chapters of a story and place key information and questions.
  5. Portfolio - Students can collect their work and have a digital portfolio using all layouts in a livebinder.
  6. E-learning – Students can have homework assignments based on web research that the teacher provides in a text to web layout. The teacher can have a worksheet printout available in the subtabs.

FILES that can be saved into LiveBinders include:

  • Docs
  • PDF
  • Split page of text columns
  • Presentations
  • Videos

PRESENT with your binder using presenter mode.

SHARE Your Binder in Several Ways!

Including... placing an embedded icon of the folder, radio button or url link on your website!

Shared by Kelly Little, Art Educator

I use LIVEBINDERS for combining resources that used to be filed in multiple locations to create whole unit resources.


  2. Keep the newly created digital binder web links up to date.
  3. Search the shared binders for topics already authored and saved publicly to copy and customize.
  4. Create a password if you want a limited audience to view your binder.