"Three Sick People But Important"

Joan De Arc, King John and William The Conqueror

William The Conquero :Back Ground Info

BACK GROUND INFO:People didn't always call william by his real name, they gave him nickname which was 'William The Bastard'.He was born in1027 France,Falaise and died in1087 in France,Rouen.He was known to be verry intelligent and shrewed.His name was originally William but when he conquered England he changed it to William The Conqueror.

Memorable Moments Of William

William shaped the federal system of the middle ages. He used to qoute , " I am the Normandy conquest."He won a brilliant victory at the battle of Hastings, defeating his enemy Harold. On the same day (Chirstmas eve), he was crowned king of England.One of his conflicts was with his enemy, Philip of France and count of IV or demark started to become more powerful and threatened the frontiers of normandy. He also seized three key towns in the weastern part of the vexin.

William was very important.

He helped the king set up an accurate central tax system. This became known as the Doomsday book. Also, he shaped the federal system so that the king, not the nobles have supreme power.



He was born in 1167 and died in 1216. Some people in the middle ages called him John Lackland. He lived in England. He was known to be very cruel and mean ,and some say he was very weasal like.

King John Memorable Moments

He tryed to kill his father Henery II and his second wife Eleanor Of Aquitaine (who he hates).He was accused of killing his nephew.He had to accept the Magna Carta or he would  have been killed.King John was very unhappy because he couldn't take taxes from the no