Water in Danger

By Chet Albin

Water is life

Everything living on earth need water to live. Water is needed by everything but most of in is salt water which is very deadly. The fresh water on earth is very hard to get because most of it is frozen. Water is essential for life however at the same time if the water become to dirty and bad it can be very bad for people to drink with all the water born diseases in with it which could kill people and with many people fight over the control of water.

Problem of depletion

Water with in the Ogallala aquifer is getting used up to fast. With a larger population in the U.S. there is a bigger demand for food and water from the Ogallala aquifer. In important parts of the Ogallala aquifer has dropped as much as 2 feet. Farmers all arose the country has tried new ways to save water from crop ration to irrigation.

Water affects us all.

Water can do great harm to us all. With a smaller supplies of water we would have less food and less water to drink. Water company would have to stop because the money and that would many poor water quality and more deaths would come.

How can we save it?

How much water do we have left and how can we save it? 30% of the water in the Ogallala aquifer and at this rate we will up to 39% in the next half century. All the new water saving techniques we can up less water. There will be a peak of water in the future but we can postpone it for 30 more years.

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