The Cold War

The USSR and the United States

What was the Cold War?

The Cold War was an era of distrust between the USSR and the US because they were afraid of the nuclear weapons between each other. The Russians had a totalitarian communist, and the uS had a pro-domocratic. The end goal for both countries was to be the number one world power.

The Berlin Blockade

The Berlin Blockade was the first major conflict between the United States and the USSR. The Soviet Union was trying to stop the United States from getting their supplies to Berlin. The United States decided to airlift their supplies to Berlin, and drop it there that way. This was because the US knew that the Soviet Union didn't have any nuclear weapons, so they made sure the Soviets knew that if they tried to shoot down their plane, that the US would bomb them.

The Korean War

Korea was split in half. North Korea was communist, and South Korea was democratic. The USSR desired the entire peninsula to make it all communist. In 1950, North Korea attacked South Korea, which started the Korean War. The United States got involved, helping South Korea. Eventually, South Korea and the US pushed North Korea and the Soviets back to China. China, who was allies with the Russians, helped them and North Korea pushed back the US and South Korea back down to the bottom of the peninsula. In the end, The United States and South Korea won the wore, therefore the peninsula is still split into two.

Bay of Pigs Invasion

The Bay of Pigs invasion was when the United States sent trained men to Cuba, to try and stop the communism that was spreading. The Cubans and the Soviet Union were able to stop the United States because of a last minute decision made by Kennedy. Kennedy took the blame for getting the men killed, but he did not apologize for what he did. Ther were supposed to be air strikes that would incapacitate Castro's air force. Kennedy changing his mind at the last minute is what caused the United States to fail at their mission, and get their men killed.

Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain was an imaginary line that divided Germany from democracy and communism. The West side of Germany was the communist side, and the east side of Germany was democracy. The curtain was created because of what was happeneing with the Berlin Blockade, and then the Berlin Wall came about. Also, Stalin was the leader of the USSR at the time the curtain was created, and the United States started to view Stalin as the new Hitler.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

On April 12, 1945 the 32nd president of the United States passed away.


The first Rock n Roll concert was in Cleveland.


The murder of Malcolm X happened in New York.


Bonnie and Clyde hits the theartes.