My Stella & Dot Sale, up to 70% OFF

How it works...

These pieces may have been tried on but are virtually brand new, earrings are unworn and have sterling silver or gold vermeil posts and are hypo-allergenic. All jewellery comes gift packaged. First come first dibs, no returns or exchanges, all sales final.

Payment via bank transfer or cash. Add £3 total postage.

Please contact me at or 07941 382739 to order.

Ex-Samples Sale

Join me, it's Stylish, Lucrative and Fun!

I know you think you've heard it all before... We are not like any other organisation, we are a game-changing, tech-savvy, dynamic community. Empowering women is our business, jewellery and accessories are how we do it.

Fancy 40% off?

Forget what you know about home shopping!

Stella & Dot is different. We are all about simplicity, style and fun.

All you need to do is pick a time slot, get some friends together, at home, at work or at your chosen venue, I pop along for about an 90 minutes and do some personal styling and quick fashion fixes. You get to shop the collection at 40% off. Easy!

I am currently booking dates right through until December, if you want a specific date, get in quick!

Keep in touch for special offers & personal styling!

Keep up to date with the latest special offers, I am your Stylist and I'm here to help YOU! Whether you need a pair of earrings to match an outfit, a gift for a friend, to raise money for your charity or even if you need a job!

Contact me for :

  • A Catalogue
  • One to one Styling Sessions
  • Book your Trunk Show (your pop-up boutique with friends)
  • Wardrobe Fixes (accessorising outfits starting with what you have)
  • Fundraisers / events
  • Information on becoming a Stylist
  • Fashion Shows
  • Gift Shopping
  • Personalising Charm necklaces & bracelets

I love to hear from you, let me know how I can help!



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