Natural gas

By: Addison Sewell and Hannah wren 8 period

how is natural gas made????

Natural gas was formed millions of years ago. It is composed of plants and tiny sea animals that were buried by rock and sand. Layers of mud, sand, rock, plant, animal matter continued to build up until the pressure and heat turned them into oil or natural gas.

Disadvantages of using natural gas

Natural gas creates emissions. It is also highly volative and can be dangerous if carelessly handled. And it pollutes the air very badly

Advantages of natural gas

It has fewer impurities, it is less chemically complex, and it's combustion generally results in less pollution than coal and oil

Is natural gas renewable ?

Natural gas is nonrenewable, nonrenewable means that this resource was formed millions of years ago and cannot be renewed. However, Natural gas is still forming, but what we mean by nonrenewable is that if we use all of the natural gas now, we won't have any for millions of years.

Found most abundant in

The Burgan oil field, in Kuwait, is one of the richest oil fields in the world. Natural gas, some of which is seen burning here, is often found near deposits of oil and coal.

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