Rainbow Math and Homework

Mrs. Lyons' Classroom

Hello Parents!

Today is the first day that homework will be sent home. Some of the kids have been asking for homework since Tuesday of last week! My homework will follow the same format each week. Packets are sent home on Monday and are due on Friday. In addition to the homework pack, I ask that students practice their Rainbow Math Fact cards as needed to test on their assigned test day. Students can only test on their assigned day, but they can also test on Friday, which is a bonus day.

I am still assessing students to start them at their current level. The following schedule will show your child's assigned test day. Your child will have an envelope to hold their study cards. This should be kept in their zipper pocket in their binder when not studying. They will need that envelope in class on their test day.

Students will bring this envelope home on their test day this week. We do practice math facts daily and we have a math fact skill of the week, but students will be able to advance ahead as they are able.


LYONS: Arabella Scottie Blair Camille C
CROWSON: Kira Bryant Jake Cierra

(These students have been pre-assessed and they have their envelopes today)


LYONS: Camille D. Darren Caroline Payton
CROWSON: Meme Audrey Kingston Ava

(These students will be pre-assessed and will come home with their envelope tomorrow)


LYONS: Oliver Ellie Cate Paige
CROWSON: Aarav Quinn Charley Princess

(These students will be pre-assessed and will come home with their envelope this Wednesday)


LYONS: Evan Aadya Mary Blake Vivaan
CROWSON: Lanie Lily Ila Grace

(These students will be pre-assessed and will have their envelope on Thursday of this week)


Friday is an extra testing day. Students who are ready to test on their cards ahead of their next testing day can test on Friday. They will also test on their normally scheduled day the following week as well. This works best for students who have mastered their facts and want to advance ahead of schedule or for those who need to retest.


Students have 1 week to practice their math facts between testing dates. I am looking for students to tell me the answer to the problem within a few seconds of seeing the card. If a student has not mastered the facts, they will come back with the same cards to keep studying. If they do not pass their test on their assigned test day, this is where Friday's extra test day can help.
If they pass their test of the day, they will get the next set of cards.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Jessica Lyons