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Mrs. Cousins' and Ms. Welker's Class

Language Arts

Language Arts


For the next couple of weeks we will be learning about authors purpose during our read alouds. In first grade we are teaching that they are many reasons an author writes stories but we focus on 4 main reasons: entertainment, inform, teach and persuade. Last week we focused on authors purpose is to inform. This week we will focus more on entertainment and persuade. You can help your child at home by asking them what they think the authors purpose is after reading a story.

Here is a website your child can use to get extra practice on authors purpose.

  • Phonics/Word Study
Adding s or es to words to make more than one


  • Writer's Workshop
During Writer's Workshop we will begin to study poetry and actually create our own poems. This will be a long unit of study. Next week we will begin by just reading types of poetry and writing poems together as a class.


In Math, students reviewed measurement and length to the nearest whole unit. We talked about the rules of measurement and what "units of measurement" is. We also used various items as different units and compared the size and realized that the bigger the unit is, the less you need and the smaller the unit, the more you need to measure an object. We put our measuring skills to the test when getting ready for picture day and arranged our friends in line from tallest and shortest. We read, "Measuring Penny" and when around the room with our dog bone ruler and measured the characters and objects in the story. We also worked in groups and used string to measure the length/distance of various curved and zigzagged lines. Students were able to measure the string with nonstandard units of measure to compare the lines.

We also reviewed geometry-2D and 3D shapes. Students used attributes of shapes to identify and describe them as they used the 2D shapes to create other/new 2D shapes. Students also used pattern blocks to create puzzles, shape creatures, and our very own Shape Town!

Next topic in math is financial literacy! Students will learn how we earn income, spend money on things that we need or want, learn how to save money or consider charitable giving.


How Big is a Foot?

Sid the Science Kid: Exploring Measurement

Sesame Street: Measure

Line Me up (measure inches and feet)

Ballad of Dizzy D (height measurement)

Measuring Penny Story

Inch by Inch story

Flash Facts:

Number Words Rap:

Counting Number Song:

Math Challenge:

Master Builder- challenge your student to build various structures and measure how tall it is.

Measure Members-measure the height of family members and order them from tallest to shortest or shortest to tallest. Then, students can research animal heights and you can compare your height to see what type of you would be. (penguin, bear, giraffe, zebra, etc.)

How Big is a Foot?- read book and compare sizes of your foot. Then, look for objects/things that are just your size, bigger, or smaller than your foot.

Jack and the Beanstalk-read story and plant Lima beans. Watch and measure as they grow.

Paper Planes-create different paper airplanes and fly them. Measure the distance of each kind of plane using string. Discuss the findings with the family.

Put puzzles together!

Have students create a math book about math skills they have learned.


A huge thank you to Mr. Kommineni (Karthik's Dad) for being our guest speaker on Monday. The kids loved his presentation and experiments about water sources! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to share your expertise with us! I am sure all of the stores in Pearland will be sold out of "Alum"! Ask your child what alum is good for!

Last week, we continued our new unit of study about force, motion and magnets. We described and identify the different types of movement. We shared students' movement bag and discovered that some objects move in many ways and some object move in just one way based on their pattern of movement. We discussed key concepts of movement and motion, and created a map which we drew different types of lines/paths to show movement on the map.

Next week, We will finish our classroom investigations of how magnets work. May the force be with us!

Linked in with Science (resources):

Gravity, Force and Motion

Wild Kratts-Zig zagged zebra pattern


The motion song

Home Challenge:

Race Car Derby-create and race cars down a ramp or other surfaces to see which car goes the fastest/slowest. You can also explore using other cars such as hot wheels,

Just Dance/Zumba- practice different ways you can move and show off your dance moves or perhaps get some exercise with some zumba.

Name that Sport/charades- write various sporting events onto a piece of paper and put into a bucket and play with the family. Take turns picking out a sport to act out based on the movements that the athlete does to complete the task. Family members will guess the sport from the actions made by the student or player. (example: zig zagging like a skier or tennis player, going back and forth like a soccer player etc.)

*second challenge-use types of animals!

Theme park for thrill seekers- observe the rides and see how force and motion is used to make different rides fun. Perhaps make a trip to the Houston Rodeo Carnival and ride the Texas size Ferris wheel!

Let's go fly a kite- make a kite and watch how it moves as the wind catches it and keeps it up in the sky! Watch out for power lines or first!

Go Bowling- take the family out for a game of bowling and discuss how the force and movement of the pins make the surrounding pins fall too when the bowling ball reaches them.

Chuck E Cheese please- head out to a fun night at Chuck E Cheese and explore how the games use force/motion. Those pin ball machines are very tricky!

Movement hunt- go on an adventure and list various objects and record how it moves.

Wind-up toy movement-students can wind-up 2 toys and set a timer. Students can time how long it takes each toy to finish its movement. Track the movement of the toy with lines or string. Students can compare the two toys.

Pogo stick-can you hop like a kangaroo by using a pogo stick? How many times can you go up and down before falling off or stopping.

Old Fashion fun- does your family have an electric race car track, train track, yo-yos, spinning tops, harmonicas, hula hoops, hacky sacks, trampolines? If so, have some fun and discover the motions and movement of these toys/activities.

Can you juggle like a clown?

Magnet Madness- go on a home search for things that are magnetic! *Look for ways that we use magnets in everyday life!

Use a compass to help lead the way....perhaps make a bunny trail to find the golden egg!

Big Hero 6 likes magnets-watch the movie to see how magnets can create different structures and the powerful force they have!

Next great inventor-create something useful that requires the use of magnets and force!

A-Mazing Magnets-

Student partners or teams will need a clipboard, magnet, and metal washer for a game marker. Duplicate a set of mazes with paths wide enough for a washer to move along and give to students to put on their clipboards. The student places the washer on top of the clipboard paper at the starting point and then holds the clipboard with one hand. They hold the magnet in the other hand under the clipboard at the very same point on the opposite side from the washer. The game is to move the washer through the maze to the finish line by moving the magnet, which drags the washer along the maze. Students have to start again if they drop or cross a maze line.

Magnet Bottle Races

Use a clean, empty Gatorade bottle and fill it with 10 objects. 5 objects should be non-magnetic like toothpicks, plastic forks, plastic buttons, etc… 5 objects should be magnetic like paperclips, tacks, washers, etc… You will need a timer to set each game for 3 minutes. The student needs to use a wand magnet to attract the magnetic items, one by one, to the side of the bottle and drag it up to the opening where the student removes it. The student may not put their fingers into the opening of the bottle. The student may tip the bottle at an angle, but may not tip the bottle upside down, nor lay it on its side. A student must stop their turn when the buzzer goes off. The student who has removed the most magnetic items when the alarm rings wins the game.

Online Resources:

STEMscopes web surfing fun

Magnetic Poles: Magnet research and information-

Play online game: Stuck on Junk-

Social Studies

We will continue our unit on the great state of Texas!! We will learn about the different state symbols and regions of Texas.

We read Armadilly Chili in class and discussed our state food: Chili and our state mammal: armadillo. Students also made connections to the story, Little Red Hen.

Book read aloud link-

Perhaps you can make some armadilly chili and enjoy with your family!

Texas chili recipe #1-

Texas Chili and cornbread (recipe at the end of video demo)-

Turkey Chili Hey kids let's cook-

Other Fun links:

How to draw an armadillo-

Fun story/song called: Today is Monday in Texas-

Texas facts-

Texas Facts and song-

Introduction of Texas-

Deep in the Heart of Texas-

Yellow Rose of Texas Song-

Texas, our Texas song-

The Legend of the Bluebonnet-


Thank you so much for your help with the Spring Carnival!! We could not have done it without you!

A huge thank you to all that donated and contributed to our Lego themed carnival basket...we were able to raise a lot of money for our school!

Field Trip- this year First grade is going with Second grade to the Houston Children's Museum on May 20th! The entrance fee for students is $4. The money and permission slip is due April 10th. Students will need to bring a sack lunch on this day. Each class is allowed 2 chaperones, but parents are welcome to join us even if you are not the designated chaperone. Please complete the safe schools form online if you are interested in going. More information will be coming as we get closer to May. Please mark your calendars as we plan a fun filled day at the museum!

**A letter about ordering field trip t-shirts will be going home soon.**

Collect plastic shopping bags for recycling collection!

4/7/15- PTO World Health day Initiative

Wilder University Parent Technology Class (5:30-7:00)

4/10/15 Field trip permission slips and money is due ($4)

Buddy Day T-shirt sale due ($10)

Team Mikayla Day-wear your pawsome shirts.

4/12/15 Run for the Rose-Go Team Mikayla!!

4/20/15- STAAR Testing (closed campus)

4/21/15- STAAR Testing (closed campus)

PTO meeting (6:30)

4/22/15- STAAR Testing (closed Campus)

4/23/15- STAAR Testing (closed campus)

4/24/15- PTO Earth Day Initiative

* Please remember to sign the blue communication folder each night. We have seen some increase in certain behaviors and we truly believe that if we work together we can the children's behavior back on the right track.

Team Mikayla

The support and love for Mikayla is overwhelming. Her parents are very grateful. The children have been so kind making her cards and sending her video messages. She loves her picture and video.

Want to sign up and join TEAM MIKAYLA for Houston's Run for the Rose 1K and 5K run?

click on the link and join us today! It is going to be so much fun running/walking in our Team Mikayla pink pawsome shirts! Together we can make a difference.