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Dec. 1, 2022

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A-F Accountability Reset

Updated Preliminary 2023 A–F Academic Accountability System Framework

Important things to note-

-the updated cut scores and targets will be out in January 2023 (what scales to an A-F, not what is approaches, meets, masters for each grade level)

-Domain 3 will be finalized in Jan-Feb 2023 with Federal government approval (where major changes are coming)

-Final manual will come out after STAAR testing in Summer 2023

-TEA will run a what-if rating for each district in Spring 2023 telling you what you would have with 2022 data and the new system

Stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback here through February 1, 2023 to help inform the proposed rule. The 2023 Accountability Manual will be published in proposed form in spring 2023 for additional feedback prior to becoming rule in summer 2023.

2022-2023 Intervention Guidance & Tools

● Artifact Submission Document updated 10/6/22

● BOY TIP Submission Checklist updated 9/15/2022 (now includes how-to videos)

● Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) Rubric updated 9/15 (we updated row 12 to include Domain 3 on the

Needs Assessment tab)

● Intervention & Submission Calendar - ESF Diagnostic Completed updated 8/10/22

● Intervention & Submission Calendar - ESF Diagnostic Required updated 8/10/22

● 2022-2023 Campus Matrix Document

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Performance Reporting Calendar

December 8: SB 15 virtual program ratings and student listings released through TEAL Accountability

December 15: SB 15 virtual program ratings public release

Mid-December: Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) released

December 16: Deadline for SAT/ACT reimbursement submission through TEAL Accountability

December 30: 2023 preliminary accelerated testers student listings released

Early January: 2023 accountability system targets and cut points released

September 2023: Accountability ratings under the refreshed system released

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Student Listing for 2022–23 Local Remote Learning ADA Funding Eligibility Now Available

The Student Listing for 2022–23 Local Remote Learning ADA Funding Eligibility in the Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) Accountability application is intended to help LEAs determine funding eligibility for students who may participate in a local remote learning program. The responsibility for making the final determination of a student’s eligibility for funding lies with the LEA. Attendance data is auditable.

Due to data limitations, the student listing provides enrollment information based on the School Year 2022–23 Tracking Reporting, 2021–22 STAAR performance outcomes, and 2021–22 attendance. TEA does not have access to course grade data, unexcused absence counts, or any local beginning of year (BOY) assessment results, so LEAs can use the list provided by TEA as a starting point but must independently determine and document student eligibility for remote ADA.

McKinney-Vento 201 Webinar

Looking for a more in-depth training on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act? Join the TEA Texas Education for Homeless Children and Youth (TEHCY) Program for a McKinney-Vento 201 Zoom webinar on Monday, December 12th from 2:00 - 3:30 pm.

During this training, TEA TEHCY Program staff will take a deeper dive into the McKinney-Vento Act, including additional state requirements to support program implementation. This is the second training in the TEA McKinney-Vento training series.

School and LEA staff are highly encouraged to attend!

Register Here

Missed this year's McKinney-Vento 101? You can view the McKinney-Vento 101 training and supplemental materials on the TEHCY webpage.

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2023-2025 Charter School Program (Subchapter C and D) grant program- Texas Quality Charter Schools Program Grant

The RFA is available on the TEA Grant Opportunities page. An open-enrollment charter school campus designated by the commissioner of education, for the 2022–2023, 2023-2024, or 2024-2025 school year, as a high-quality campus pursuant to the 19 TAC, Chapter 100, Subchapter AA §§100.1033(b)(9) and 100.1033(b)(13). Open-enrollment charter schools submitting an expansion amendment request and corresponding application for high-quality campus designation for the 2023-2024 or 2024-2025 school year by March 1, 2023, are considered eligible to apply for the grant. However, the commissioner must approve the expansion amendment request and designate the campus as a high-quality campus prior to the charter receiving grant funding, if awarded.
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ESC 18 Support

If you are looking for some great support for your campus or district we are here for you at Region 18. All you have to do is put in a professional development request and our staff will work with you to create a support plan specifically for you.