My Summer of Pink and Green

by Lisa Greenwald


After Lucy won the "Going Green Grant", it was cruch time because her newly created eco-friendly spa was supposed to open by labor day which was less than two months away! When the spa investor comes to help open the spa, he brings along his un-mannered daughter, Bevin, to stay with the Desbergs for the summer while the spa is being opened. Lucy struggles to spend time with Bevin because she has to manage to multi-task between the spa, her best friend Sunny, and her almost boyfriend, Yamir. Lucy gets extremely excited to see her sister, Claudia, who comes home from college for the summer but when she finds out her boyfriend is staying with them as well, the mood changes. Lucy must find a way to get everything done and still have fun because after all it is summer!


The setting is in Old Mill, Connectituit at "Pink and Green" and "the Pharmacy."


-Lucy Desberg (Main Character)

-Jane Desberg (Mom)

-Sunny Ramal (Lucy's Best Friend)

-Yamir Ramal (Lucy's almost boyfriend)

-Claudia Desberg (Lucy's Sister)

-Bevin (Gary's Daughter)