NRE Speak UP Week


Monday - My Israel - שלי ישראל - (Yisrael Sheli):

There are many ways for individuals to connect to Israel. How do you connect to Israel?

Social Media: Tell us how you find your Israel! What is your relationship with Israel? "I find my Israel when . Israel is my ! #SpeakUPWeek #BBYO4Israel #MyIsrael"

NRE Twist: Wear Israeli colors - blue and white! Chapter members can earn points by posting their outfits in your Facebook events. Earn points by tagging the your council's Sh'licha!

Tuesday – Find Your Pride - גאוותך את גלה - (Galeh et Ge’evatechah):

Israel is often engaged in delicate and complex issues. Much of the beauty of Israel can be missed through the media's protrayals.

Social Media: Tell us what cool new facts you learned about Israel and where you find beauty in the country. "I find Israel cool because . I am proud of my Israel because . #SpeakUPWeek #BBYO4Israel"

NRE Twist: Find a fun fact about Israel! Post in your chapter's Facebook event for points.

Wednesday – Advocate for Israel - הגנת ישראל - (Haganat Yisrael):

Although Israel is no longer a politically small nation, advocating for Israel is important because the future of the country is dependent on effective advocates and allies from around the world. Good advocates are educated about the issues facing Israel from all sides and know how to discuss these issues with others. In addition, they are able to take action: plan a rally, make a learning group, or speak to elected officials. It is imperative to involve more pro-Israel advocates in the American political process by broadening pro-Israel political participation.

Social Media: Tell us how and why you plan to advocate for Israel. "I will advocate for Israel because . I will advocate for Israel by . #SpeakUPWeek #BBYO4Israel"

NRE Twist: There are two men (one Israeli, one Palestinian) who want to show the world that the fighting between the two sides is ridiculous. They decided to "Give peace a dance." Check out this video: Create your own chapter video! Start by saying why you believe peace needs to be achieved, and then dance it out!!

Thursday – My Experience in Israel – בישראל שלי הניסיון – (Hanisayon Sheli B’Yisrael)

Have you been to Israel? Have you been to Israel with BBYO? BBYO has been sending teens to Israel since 1956. Today BBYO sends over 500 teens to Israel through a variety of different programs including ILSI, March of the Living, Passport trips, and Beyond (BBYO's Gap Year).

Social Media: "My favorite BBYO experience in Israel was . I am excited to experience on [immersive program]. I cannot wait to attend [immersive program]. #SpeakUPWeek #BBYO4Israel" Or suggest a BBYO experience to a friend!

NRE Twist: Many of you have been to Israel. Share your story! Post in your Facebook event a memory, why they want to visit, and what they want to do there!

Friday – My Dream, My Stand – שלי העמדה ,שלי החלום – (Hachalom Sheli, Ha’amdah Sheli) Also BBG/AZA Global Shabbat!

A united Jewish community brings together the importance of helping one another and supporting our own people. All Jews are responsible for each other!

Social Media: "I stand with Israel by . #SpeakUPWeek #BBYO4Israel #AZABBGShabbat2013"

NRE Twist: Attend your chapter or council AZA/BBG Shabbat! Also, make sure to promote it. You get chapter points based on the percentage of chapter members who attend!