Tuesday Tech Tips

A little tech goes a long way!

GAFE (Google Apps for Education)

Griffin-Spalding has gone Google! In the second year of implementation of GAFE, we are concentrating on training school personnel on this gold mine of resources!

Here are 10 quick ways to implement Google Apps for Education in your classroom!

1. Use Google Forms as Exit Tickets, formative assessments, and even summative assessments! You can use Flubaroo to grade your assessments.

2. Have your students work collaboratively on a shared Google Presentation using Google Slide or write a shared story using comments for peer editing! Instead of making mass copies of a story, upload a copy to your Google Drive and share it with your students. Each student will then be able to see a copy in their own Drive.

3. Use Doctopus to save yourself time. Using the Doctopus script, you can make copies of the files and share them with your students. After you create the files, you will get a spreadsheet of links to the shared documents and then you will be able to send comments to your students as well as grades. Check out this page for more information on how to use Doctopus.

4. Use Google Sites to create a free website for your class. You can post announcements, homework, pictures, and Youtube videos.

5. Youtube can be used in the classroom to show instructional videos to your students. You can find inspirational videos to encourage or motivate, or you can find videos to scaffold instruction. Youtube will allow you to create playlists, which will make it easier for you to integrate the videos in your lessons.

Griffin-Spalding Instructional Technology Department

The GSCS Instructional Technology Department wants to make the integration of technology into your daily lessons as easy as possible. Each week, we will highlight useful technology tidbits for you. If you come across something that you would like to share, please send us an email.

Lonny Harper, Director of Instructional Technology

His first computer was a Commodore 64, and his favorite was used to program an IRB 7600 Power Robot. Lonny is a graduate of Clayton State University and the University of West Georgia. Throughout his teaching career and as an assistant principal at Kennedy Road Middle School and Griffin High School, effective technology integration and training others has been his passion. As the Director of Instructional Technology, he hopes to lead a program that makes it feasible for everyone.

Leslie Fagin, Instructional Technology Coach

Leslie was a teacher for 11 years at both the middle and high school level. She is a two-time graduate of the University of West Georgia and is currently serving a three year term on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. In her spare time, she likes to travel and is planning a European trip for next year. She loves interacting with others via social media and her current fascination is the 'unconference' type of conference known as EdCamp. Leslie will provide services to the middle schools, high schools, and the Enrichment Center.

Robin Harris, Instructional Technology Coach

Robin was an elementary school teacher for 25 years. She is a graduate of both the University of West Georgia and the University of Georgia. Robin is married and has two sons and a dog. She loves going to the beach and watching her son play baseball. As an avid reader with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Robin loves learning how to use new technologies and she has a deep desire to learn how to incorporate her own graphics into her work. She will provide services for the elementary schools in the district.