104Twitter Challenge

for #norfolkcatholic

Objectives for Today

During this session, you will set up your Twitter profile and start Tweeting! We will learn Twitter terms and talk about building your PLN (Professional Learning Network) via Twitter. This session is great for those of you who want to start a personal Twitter account or a classroom Twitter account. Hopefully you all have a Twitter account (start at twitter.com). For those of you who have started your Twitter journey, please assist those just getting started during today's session.

Agenda for Today

I was a Twitter holdout; didn't want to follow Lady Gaga and what she had for breakfast. My account sat idle for at least 4 months. I had decided (or maybe hoped) that Twitter was a fad and would die very soon.

I was wrong. And once I started following the "right" people, I started seeing how I could get better professionally.

It's all about who you follow!

  • Setup, Profile and Picture (no eggheads!)
  • Home feed
  • Basics

Basic Tweet--general outbound message to all of my followers. May include a picture or a link to click on for more information.

Reply or @mention tweet--starts with the other person's twitter handle. This tweet only appears in the other person's twitter feed and people who follow both of us.

Retweet--rebroadcast of another person's tweet

Direct Messages--a 140-character email. Can be read only by that person. You can only DM someone who is following you. This avoids you getting spammed.

  • Anatomy of a Tweet
  • People to follow
  • Hashtags

  • Send a tweet--use #norfolkcatholic
  • TweetDeck
  • 10-4 Twitter Challenge

Find people to follow! And start building your personal and professional learning network!

  • norfolkcatholic
  • npspanthers
  • nebedchat
  • edutopia
  • edudemic
  • mrnidey
  • tonyvincent
  • suzannewhisler
  • kathyschrock
  • uncommoncorey
  • nebpreps
  • coachmiles
  • huskers (huskerwbb, huskersoftball, huskervball, huskerhoops)
  • fauxbopelini

search edtech


Hashtags--think of it like a TV station (where do you go for sports? Comedy? News?)

Hashtags can be used like a file cabinet to organize your tweets. They will also help you search and follow topics you are interested in. They can be used as a funny or sarcastic addition to your tweet. #backonJan2? #donutsweregood

"#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

Now--send a tweet! It may be your first one! Use #norfolkcatholic in your tweet!


How To Use The Newer Version Of TweetDeck

Practice Tweeting with #104Twitter

From January 3-January 12, tweet one time each day using the hashtag #104Twitter. Your tweet can be anything educational. If you need some inspiration, you can try the topics below. I will also tweet them out each day.

Any #norfolkcatholic educator who completes this 10 Days of Twitter Challenge will receive a fabulous (okay, maybe "fabulous" is a stretch) prize!

Twitter Topics to Tweet To!

January 3--Day 1

Tweet a link to your favorite website.

Don't forget to add #104Twitter

January 4--Day 2

Tweet about your favorite app to use with students.

Don't forget to add #104Twitter

January 5--Day 3

Tweet about your all-time favorite teacher.

Don't forget to add #104Twitter

January 6--Day 4

Tweet about the best thing that has happened in your classroom so far this year.

Don't forget to add #104Twitter

January 7--Day 5

Tweet the best advice you have for a new teacher.

Don't forget to add #104Twitter

January 8--Day 6

Tweet a picture of something in your classroom.

Don't forget to add #104Twitter

January 9--Day 7

Tweet about your favorite app to use professionally.

Don't forget to add #104Twitter

January 10--Day 8

If you could have one new item for your classroom what would it be and why?

Don't forget to add #104Twitter

January 11--Day 9

Tweet one goal you have for yourself, students, classroom, or school this semester.

Don't forget to add #104Twitter

January 12--Day 10

Tweet a shout-out to a deserving #norfolkcatholic teacher for their hard work.

Don't forget to add #104Twitter