U.S. Mobilization and Propaganda

By: Hannah Tysinger


This is simply the act of making both the troops and the supplies ready for a possible upcoming war.

Selective Service Act of 1917

This was a law that required all American men from the ages of 21 and 30 had to register for a military draft. It allowed for America to build up it's army.

Committee on Public Information

This agency was headed by George Creel. They used Propaganda which was used to influence the publics opinon on American particiption in the war.

Propaganda Posters

Effects of the War


During the war women supported the war effort in many ways. Women served in the navy and marines. Many women also served as nurses. Due to this, more people supported women's suffrage which lead to the passing of the 19 amendment.

African Americans

Many African Americans served in segregated units. However, very few of these soldiers actually were in combat. Many of these African Americans just supported the war effort. There were two all-black infantry divisions, the 93 and the 92. The 93 had a better preformance in combat then the 92.

The Great Migration

This is when a large number of black southerners headed North. Wartime opportunities in the urban North gave them hope. They decided to migrate because of the social, economic, and political issues in the South. Due to the migration Southern culture influenced the northern communities.