February News

Mme Constant's class

A short month but lots to do!

We have been working hard this past week and have made some great gains! Here is what we will be up to for the next few weeks.

Math: We will be finishing up our addition and subtraction unit this month. Students have learned to add and subtract to 1000 with and without regrouping (borrowing and carrying). Students should feel very comfortable with their addition skills now. Subtraction is still a work in progress but with some more practice and a few more strategies to learn we should be able to have this skill mastered within the next few weeks. Feel free to practice adding and subtracting with your child. You may want to see how they use their knowledge of horizontal and vertical addition and subtraction strategies. Also, check out my math videos posted on the class website to help understand the horizontal math.

French : We are currently finishing up our animal research projects. Students have worked very hard gathering information and organizing it into 4 paragraphs. Students are also working on their peer editing skills. This week, students will be writing their final draft using google doc . Once it is complete, it will be posted on Freshgrade for you to see. Throughout the month of February, we will focus on developing our spelling as well as review the three different types of text that we have written thus far. We will also continue to work on developing our reading stamina and comprehension strategies.

English: Students have just completed writing their second epal letter. This activity has quickly become a class favourite. We absolutely love receiving letters from our friends in Ontario and the kids are so excited to write back! We have worked on how to write a letter. Proper structure, use of punctuation as well responding to questions and asking our own have proven to be a very powerful learning experience. I hope to offer the students the opportunity to video conference in the near future. Throughout the month of February, we will begin a novel group novel study of two books. Students have selected either Dinosaur Cove or Wildcat Run. Both groups will have the opportunity to conference with me regularly to check in and target specific goals such as comprehension. We will also continue to work on our writing skills by working on some creative writing as well as journal writing.

Science: We have had many opportunities to build these past few weeks. Students have learned about the strength of triangles, use and understand a variety of methods to join and fasten materials as well as recognizing the importance of good workmanship. Students will continue to develop their skills of working with others on construction plans. We will be focusing on building bridges this week and learning about trellis bridges and suspension bridges all while having the opportunity to build and test them ourselves!

Social Studies: Students have been working on understanding how the physical geography affects the way people live around the world. Students will continue to work on their research projects identifying the air quality, geographical description of the land, resources available, climate as well as water sources of the country of their choosing. They will then present their findings to a partner and ask questions and discuss their findings with one another. These projects will be completed using google slides and available for you to see on Freshgrade as soon as they are complete.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. We will be having a class party on Friday, February 12th. Students are invited to bring in a snack to share as well as a board game to play with their peers. We will be celebrating from 2:00-3:10 in our classroom. Feel free to stop in and taste some delicious treats all while enjoying the fun of a friendly game of connect 4 !

Here is a class list for those who may choose to send in some Valentine's to pass out:

Jonathan, Karson, Jaxon, Piper, Kavan, Jaala, Austin, Emrie, Cyann, Katelyn, Joey, John, Madeleine, Ava, Emmanuelle, Emma, Micah, Isaac and Ryan.


Skating is here and we are always more than happy to have parent helpers to help tie skates and the different centers on the ice.

Mark your calendars as we will be on the front ice from 10:40-11:40 on the following days:

February 3rd and 10th

For your Calendar

Feb 3: Winter Walk Day

Feb 5: No School for Students

Feb 8-12: Drumming residency (schedule TBD)

Feb 12: Beach Day

Feb 15: Family Day Holiday

Feb 16-19: No School for Students (staff collaboration and teacher's convention)

Feb 25: 100th Day of School!

Feb 29: Superhero Assembly 9:30