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September 2015

Hello Everyone! It is a new month which brings new specials. I have listed them all below along with some additional learning opportunities. I am very excited to be going to the National Convention next week and I will report all the new product launches and everything I learn when I get back.

Class or Personal Visit??

I would really love to hold a class or come visit with you one on one. Would you be interested in learning more about the many benefits I am seeing in my life? I certainly have learned a lot and I have a lot to share. It is very low key and there is NO prep to hold a class. If there is anyone you can think of that would benefit from using the oils or you just want to know more, please let me know and we can get something scheduled.

Contest!!!! Everyone likes free stuff right?

I am running a new contest this month. Please watch this video below and report back to me that you watched it in it's entirety and if you learned anything new. I will put your name in a drawing for a free diffuser. Wait...there's more!!!! If you book a class with me in September and have at least 6 people who have never been to a class, I will put your name in again. It is a win win!!!! Of course I always shower my hosts with extras so let's do this.
Essential Oils 101 with Dr. David Hill

September Promotions & Specials!!!

Immortelle, the Anti-Aging blend, is FREE this month with a 200PV Promo order! I love this blend for my face. I use it around my eyes daily and it's awesome for skin and cuts. Go here to learn more!

Clove is the Product of the month. Clove is a very strong antioxidant and has numbing properties. Clove and Black Pepper are great to use together. (Black Pepper is 10% off this month!)

Eric and Tiffany Dahl are coming from Idaho for our AromaTouch training Saturday, October 17th. The cost of this training is $149, and comes with an AromaTouch Kit (pictured here) - all the oils needed to do the technique, and a DVD instructional video to remind you of what you have learned. Training materials are also included. PLEASE sign up today as spots are limited. Press Link below!

Upcoming Education Opportunities - Our September Product Education night will be Tuesday, September 29th at 7pm and will feature Weight Loss/Maintenance with Slim and Sassy Products. There are also several intro classes locally as well as in Kalamazoo and Traverse City. We will also be hosting several Rollerball Classes with the new labels coming out this month! (Emotions, Kids, and Mamas and Babies). Please see the Events tab of our Purely Essential Facebook page for a complete listing and to RSVP.

My Personal Class Schedules:

Intro to Oils: At my house, bring a friend, get a freebie!! Call, Text, Email for address

September 17th @ 7:00 pm

September 23rd @ 7:00 pm

Intro to OIls: At my work, bring a friend get a freebie!! Call, Text, Email for address

September 16th @ 6:00 pm

September 24th @ 6:00pm

Make & Take Workshop at my house: Call, Text, Email for address

Bring a friend get a freebie!!

September 19th 10:00am - 12:00pm

Visit this Site often so much info!!

Michigan Group...if you aren't a member let me know and I will add you!

Do you want to join me?

I have talked to many of you regarding the benefits that I am receiving from using doTERRA Essential Oils! Do you know someone that would benefit from using them? Would you like to sample them? Would you be willing to commit to using my "Kit For A Week"? (local customers only) If you answered yes to any of these, please personal message me on facebook, call, text, or email me.

Once you start using Essential Oils you will you will be hooked! Why not seek natural ways to stay healthy and feel better? It can't hurt to try right? I never thought I would love using a product so much but I do! I even use them on my dog and so many places around my house! There are endeless uses. There is no age limit when it comes to the benefits you will receive from using Essential OIls. School is starting which brings colds, flu & germs in general. Want extra protection? I can help!

Finally, if your looking to do someting rewarding that helps you make lasting relationships, allows you to help people, all while putting some extra money in your account to pay for your future oil purchases; whether you are a stay at home mom, retired, college student, or someone that just wants to do something on the side; whatever your situation is, doTERRA has an amazing compensation plan! I never thought I would have my own business again, but I do and I love, love, love, it! You can too and I can help!

You can also visit my website below if you want to purchase anything retail or just look and learn, but if you want wholesale pricing I can tell you how! My Website is: