Sports Injury: Hamstring Strain

By: Chas Pedersen

The Hamstring Epidemic

The Hamstring is made up of 5 tendons behind the knee and is a common injury in the sports world, including baseball, basketball, soccer, running, and football. This injury is both painful and very common.


Though this injury is very easy to prevent it is just as easy to get it. Pulling your hamstring can happen because of many reasons. Not warming up before participating in athletics can be a major factor in a hamstring strain. Actually having weal glutes or butt can cause this injury because the glutes support the hamstring as they work together and when doing an activity that involves the legs or lifting can hurt the hamstring if the butt is weak.


Warm up thoroughly before doing activities that involve your hamstring. Be sure that the muscles connected to the hamstring are strong enough to support these tendons so that the hamstring isn't doing all the work. These muscles include the butt and the lower back.