By Emily Cho

Bolivia's Capitol is Sucre. It's major cities are Santa Cruz, Sucre, and La Paz. A long time ago, Bolivia was controlled by the country Spain. They gained their freedom on August 6, 1825. It is currently an independent country and their official language is Spanish.


Bolivia is located in Central South America. Some of it's physical features are Lake Titicaca, Lake Poopo, and the Plains of Eastern Bolivia. Bolivia is on good terms with other countries because of its foreign trade.

Political and Diplomacy Info.

Bolivia has a Republican government. Their leader is Evo Morales.

Economy and Trade

Their economic system is socialism.

Their currency is Boliviano.

They import petroleum products, plastics, paper, aircraft and aircraft parts, prepared foods, automobiles, and intesticides. They import their goods from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, U.S., Peru, Venezuela, and China.

They export natural gas, soybeans and soy products, crude petroleum, zinc ore, and tin. They export their goods to Brazil, Argentina, U.S., and Peru.

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Tourist Information

People should visit Bolivia because it has amazing places to see, visible history, and one-of-a-kind adventures!
Tourists should go to the museums to see unique artifacts and beautiful Art. They should also go stay at Luna Salada Hotel while touring The Death Road! Don't forget to walk on water at the Salt Flat!
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The Salt Flat