Poem Anthology

Kinsey Girod

Where I'm From Poem

I am from Basketball, from Nike, and Elites.

I am from the pond in my backyard.

I am from the garden, the fruit that tasted so good on sunny days.

I am from Candy Makers, and Hard Workers, from Pam, and Kerry, and Girods.

I am from the talented and kind ones.

From "stand up straight" and "please and thank you".

I am from Catholicism and church every Sunday.

I'm from Indiana, Fort Wayne, from sweet homegrown corn on the cob and steak.

From the story of my great uncle who fought in the war, the bravery he had, and the desire to keep fighting.

I am from the country where I spent my days hunting with my dad and burning wood in the backyard.

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Narrative Poem

You always have a time limit with someone.

What are you going to do, how you will spend your day.

Will be the remaining memory of them

You never think that time would be taken from you.

Time Lost.

Everyone has experienced death in their life.

If you haven', you are very fortunate because death is the strongest battle anyone must overcome.

From one person to another, spend as much time with your loved ones while you can.

You never know when it will be the last time you get to see them or speak to them.

I remember going to hockey games and him always picking me up for school.

We would go get ice cream every weekend.

He would always male sure I got to where i needed to be

such as basketball practice, dance recitals, and softball practice.

Along with helping out with homework.

I remember the day after thanksgiving.

He was ready to go be with my grandma in heaven because we had to take him to the hospital.

My mom made me stay home because i was sick and she knew it was bad.

At that moment i had realized my TIME was LOST.

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Ode To My Hero Poem

He was a hard worker and kindhearted, he had so many characteristics that were spectacular and the funny thing is that he didn't have one bad characteristic even on his bad days.

He was like a father

He was always there for me

When i needed him,

he knew how to make me laugh.

He was as funny as goofy.

He was my best friend

I could trust him with all of my secrets.

I ran to him for advice.

Those Fridays are still in my memory, and never leave my heart.

He was a protector.

The light when I'm eclipsed by darkness.

I wouldn't give up our relationship.

He was always there to shield me from the bad.

I would trust him with my life.

He was my Grandpa!

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Structure Poem

We all have a heart and that heart beats at a certain minute.

My heart beats at a certain minute and your heart beats at a certain minute.

The only thing that is the same is the way both of our hearts keep us alive and breathing.

We all have a heart that beats at a certain minute.

A heart that only has one thing in common.

That when we die it will not beat anymore all of our hearts will not be beating in that one minute that our hearts stop beating we are all the same.

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Extended Metaphor Poem

You are a Basketball

your color is like an orange.

You are as bouncy as a child with a sugar rush.

You are easy to hold like a newborn baby.

You are very fun object to play with as a child with a brand new toy.

As beautiful as the sun setting over the ocean.

People play you like their favorite song.

Your elegance is as eclipsing as my heart.

You are my stress reliever like a stress ball,

and you know how to make me so happy.

I love you as much as my friends and family.

Your a basketball as round as the moon.

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Sonnet Poem

Shall I compare thee to an orange.

You are as round as the moon.

As bouncy as a bouncy ball.

You brighten up my day i always look forward to running down the court with you in my hands.

Your colors so bright and vibrant that catch the human eye.

You show your stripes like a zebra running through the savanna.

Everyone looks for you when you are around.

People play you everywhere from inside courts to outside courts.

So long as humans can play and legs can move,

So long live this sport and this sports gives life to me.

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