Tonasket School District

Weekly Update ~ 11/6/2020

"Focused on Learning and Linking Learning to Life"

Be Positive, Be Grateful, Be Involved, Be Flexible

With our first positive COVID case in the school I wanted to share that data from school openings across the nation and world show that there is very little COVID transmission in schools; especially when community cases are low. Our school takes a number of safety measures (social distancing, cleaning, hand washing, masking, cohorting, etc.) that make schools much safer than many other places in the community. Also, please know that the majority of cases of COVID in schools come from exposure outside of the school, and we need our community to practice some of the same preventative measures that schools do in order to limit the chance of COVID coming into the school. Schools alone do not keep schools open; communities do as well.


Capital Project Update

Mike Larson is in the process of receiving bids for the ES roof replacement.

Powerful Teaching and Learning

  • As we all learn how to do “school” in a different manner, I want us all to remember one of Jeff Utetch’s comments on training. He talked about how there is no excuse in our current environment to wait for someone to train us on something. All the training we need is at our fingertips via the internet. So, don’t wait for someone to teach you something, teach yourself and teach your students the skills to do the same.

  • The Rural Alliance website has some wonderful and free early learning resources. Click on the following link and go to the “early learning hub”


The board has formed a budget committee whose focus is to prioritize ways to cut expenses if necessary. The committee is being tasked with making recommendations on district priorities in the event we need to start cutting programs in order to meet future decreases in revenue and increases in expenditures. The committee will also be exploring how changes in our educational structures could impact finances.

District Culture and Climate

  • “It is not the stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” Hans Selye With all of the different stressors on each of us, it is important to remember that we all get to choose how we react and respond to others. These times are not an excuse for staff, students, or community members to treat others in an un-civil matter. Over the past week, we have had several incidences of community members interacting with staff in a less than appropriate manner. Our district has a very good civility policy and your supervisor is there to help you work through any issues in this area.

    To be reminded of what our civility policy says, click on this link to read Board Policy 4205 Civility:
Also, here is a link for great resources to help during these interesting and sometimes trying times:

Parent and Community Engagement

The Elementary is keeping up tradition this year with its annual food drive. The drive is going until November 20. Students/Community can bring in non perishable food donations and/or local grocery gift cards. Once the drive is complete, donations go first to our school district families in need and remaining donations will go to a local church that serves families in need across Okanogan County.


The enrollment for November is 1,056.84. We are holding a steady enrollment with a slight incline. October count was 1,052.97.

What Every Employee Needs to Know Reminders

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