Education Day This Sabbath

And other important informaion

Sabbath Schedule, Teacher Inservice, President's Day

Dear CAES Family,

This Sabbath is our Education Day Sabbath, which we are all involved in. Please be sure to be at Cicero SDA Church this Sabbath. Every student has an important part in the church service that day. Upper grade choir, speech choir, bells and chimes, and others are part of the program. You do not want to miss this! And we surely do not want to miss you! Please make every effort to attend!

We will be having a short, run-through practice this coming Friday at the church. Students will be transported by the teachers and pastor/s. Parents, your drop off and pick-up schedule will not be effected.

The question of what to wear has come to my attention - the black and white or Sabbath attire. Unless you hear otherwise, the dress this Sabbath will be your regular church attire. That being said, I am requesting that our girls, especially, be very mindful of what they wear. Please avoid sleeveless (unless you wear a sweater too), too low, too short, too tight, and too anything else.

A special Sabbath vespers is being planned for at the school that evening, with games and fun to follow. Also, there will be food available for purchase, which benefits our eighth grade class.

This coming Monday there is a teacher inservice, which is listed on your calendar. This means that teachers go to meetings and students do not go to school. It is a day off for students. Then, in two weeks, we all have President's Day off. This is on your calendar also.

Have a Blessed Day.


Mrs. Olson