By: Miroslav Holub

We have a microsopic anatomy of the whale this gives Man assurance William Carlos Williams

We have

a map of the universe

for microbes,

we have

a map of a microbe

for the universe.

we have

a Grand Master of chess

made of electronic circuits.

But above all

we have

the ability

to sort peas,

to cup water in our hands,

to seek

the right screw

under the sofa

for hours


gives us



But above all

We have

The ability

To sort peas


God gives us a body, but we're the ones who earn our wings.


I split the poem up into several different part and included pictures. ( as seen above ) I believe this poem is all about finding the meaning to life and having the ability to "earn your wings". Like I said in the theme, although God gave us life we have to work and earn for what we have. Everything in his poem connects to that wether its the ability to sort peas or cup water or to seek for the right screw under the sofa for hours and THIS is what grows us and gives us our wings of life.