Freak The Mighty On The Big Screen

The book "Freak the Mighty" by Rodman Phibrick is a new hit

Hitting the Big Screens

Freak the Mighty is a very good book already, with well written characters and settings that make you feel like Max the butthead and understand more about Freak, or Kevin, the genius. But now is being put on the big screens all around.


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-----Story Time-----

Setting And Theme

The main setting of the story usually takes place at the neighborhood of Max and Freak, where they go on adventures and conquer lands when they are in summer of 7th grade and in school 8th grade. The theme is to make the most of your life whenever you are able to, even if things get you down in life... Keep going.

Sharon Stone As Gwen

Gwen is the caring mother of Freak, and try's her best to help him any way she can.

The Story

Max is an only child that continues to grow living with Grim and Gram, everything is pretty boring until Kevin/Freak shows up as his neighbor. They happen to get along and become the best of friends, Freak riding on Max's shoulders and Telling Max where to go, they where like a combination of Brains AND Brawn! They go on quests and adventures up to the end of 8th Grade starting in the summer of 7th. it became the norm for Freak to ride on Max, calling themselves "Freak the Mighty" since the first day of school in 8th grade when they showed the class. When Christmas eve began, something happened to Max... Killer Kane, who was in jail for murdering his wife, and took Max into a broken-up looking town where Iggy and Loretta Lee lived in poverty. They where scared of Kane more than Max was scared of Iggy bossing him and Freak around when they where returning a purse to Loretta. Kane got caught in the end and everyone was back together in their family. Freak dies because of his condition and Max, after a year or so, is now writing the book that was empty that Freak gave him