Help Teach Our Kids Right

Ban Books With Inappropriate Conent

This Book Distorts Children's Vision of Right and Wrong

"The Chocolate War" contains many examples of violence and cruelty. Children do not need to be exposed to this descriptive encouragement of wrong doing.

Because of the numerous violent events portrayed in this book, it is unfit to be taught in a school classroom. Children do not need to be exposed to this kind of material and should not be forced to read something to malignant. This book teaches kids that if they are being bullied or threatened, they should keep quiet; not a very good message to send to children.

Give Us Your Vote to Ban Violent Books

We, as parents, need to make the right decision for our children and keep them from reading such violent material. You can contribute to other parents desiring to have this book banned by joining the FaceBook and Twitter pages, or email the school board.