Mini-School Newsletter

Tuesday's Top Topics!

No Gum Allowed!

Students in 8B are not allowed to chew gum or eat candy this week. Chewed gum has been found on the classroom floors, under desks and chairs, and even on walls. Wrappers are becoming a huge problem too. For one week, students will not be allowed to have any gum or candy. Please feel free to encourage your child to properly dispose of their waste products. Let's keep Siegel Middle School a clean environment!

Coming to a Close...

The first grading period will end next Friday, October 2nd. Students should focus on any missing assignments immediately and talk with each of the 8B teachers to make sure they are caught up on all assignments.

No Germs Allowed Either!

As the weather begins to change, we will see an increase in the need for tissues and hand sanitizer. Please feel free to send in those items to your child's homeroom teacher. It would be greatly appreciated!
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Science Update from Coach Harris!

The next Science test is scheduled for Thursday, October 1st over classification and adaptations. Students should be studying their composition notebooks. This week, students have been assigned a "What If I Had Animal Teeth" handout. It will be due on Wednesday, September 23rd. A take-home project will be assigned later this week over adaptations. The project's due date is Wednesday, September 30th.

Math Update from Mrs. Petty!

This week in math we will be continuing to explore transformations. We will review translations and add reflections and rotations. We will be graphing the transformations as part of our explorations of the concept. Please help your child find a use for transformations in the real world. We will discuss different uses for transformations. Please make sure that your child has their composition notebooks and glue sticks for math class. Several students still do not have these supplies. We will have a CFA at the end of the week and our next test should be on September 30th.

ELA Update from Mrs. Baird!

The students will finish reading "The Tell Tale Heart" and discuss the elements of suspense. They will create a suspense chart and find examples within the story. On Tuesday they will attend the Book Fair and will watch a video clip of "The Raven". There will be an assessment on Wednesday and they will begin a scavenger hunt. Thursday and Friday they will be moving through stations.

Social Studies Update from Mr. Davis!

We are currently discussing the Declaration of Independence and will also begin talking about the Revolutionary War this week. I have been assigning an average of one homework assignment each week. Please help your child get everything completed that they need by checking their agenda and discussing their assignments with them. Thanks!