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Periodic Table Information

  • Where on the table:5A
  • Family:metalloids
  • Group: Pnictoge
  • Atomic number: 33
  • Atomic mass: 74.92160
  • Symbol:As
  • Number of protons:33
  • Neutrons:42
  • Electrons:33

Where is Arsenic found in nature?

  • not found in nature as a pure element
  • found mainly as a compound
  • common ores include: arsenopyrite, orpiment, realgar
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Uses and characteristics

  • arsenic is poisonous!
  • used to make rat poison
  • used to make insecticides

Physical Properties

  • shiny
  • gray in color
  • brittle
  • solid
  • does not melt when heated
  • can also be a yellow crystalline solid if the vapors of arsenic are cooled quickly

Chemical Properties

  • metalloid properties
  • arsenic oxide formed when it is heated and combined with oxygen


  • Discovered by German alchemist Albertus Magnus in 1250.